Saturday, 2 November 2013

Lots to be happy with

Firstly the amazing generosity of fellow bloggers.  Kate of By The Babbling Brook sent me this lovely tag which was one of three beauties that Kate had made.  Kate had asked us which was our favourite out of the three and I had chosen this one – little did I know it would be flying its way over to me.  It was such a lovely surprise to receive this in the post and will definitely be hanging on my Christmas tree this year.  Along with the tag came this beautiful card which is also hand stitched too.  Thank you so much Kate.
Secondly being able to spend time with two of my grandchildren today.  Savannah is here, there and everywhere now that she is walking but I managed to catch her standing still for a short while totally engrossed in Waybuloo.  Logan was happily playing with the train set but when Savannah had an afternoon nap we went out and did some crafting.  He helped me punch out some flowers and flower pots, cut some strips of paper and then he stuck them on a card to take home for his mummy and daddy – it was fun.  I forgot to take a photo of his finished card though.
Finally, I was happy that the ladies who came along to my mini workshop yesterday had fun creating their Christmas zig zag tag books.  I made another one but using a different paper range and cardstock while they worked on theirs.  Out of the scraps I made this card – all details of supplies I used can be found on my SU website.


Janet said...

Hey Linda:

I'm finally catching up after a very long time :) Wow, you have been busy. I love the tag you received from your friend as well as the card. Your granddaughter is too precious for words :) I love the card you made - the colors are spectacular. Hope all is well and can't wait to get back to talking.

cucki said...

So sweet...
Cute hugs x

angelwhispers said...

Just started to do my blog again and my word your little ones have grown up so much!!!!

Sounds like you had a lovely time with them yesterday its just so rewarding spending quality time together I know Summer just loves it here as all we do is play and craft!!

Loving your Zig Zag tag as well the colour combo you have used is perfect.

Take Care Chanelle xxxx

Karen K said...

Hi Linda

Gorgeous photo of little Savannah, my isn't she growing. Lovely crafting too.

k x

Julie said...

I lovey gift you had in the post.

Aww Savannah looks beautiful, Isabelle is a Waybuloo fan too lol.