Friday, 27 September 2013

3 down 9 to go

Remember me talking about making coffins ready for Halloween?  Well here are the first three made, just got a little bit of decoration left to do on them.  I got the template from Martha Stewart, although I haven’t lined my boxes but intend to fill them with shredded tissue paper in appropriate Halloween colours and then fill will sweet treats.  I have used a web embossing folder for the tops of the boxes to give them some texture. Not sure whether to add the RIP tag on all of the coffins or to leave them blank - what do you think?  They are really simple to make so hopefully shouldn’t take me too long to make the other nine I need for all my work colleagues.


cucki said...

looking so nice x

Sammy said...

What a fantastic idea! I'd need an awful lot more than that for all the neighbourhood kids though (I had 50 bags made up last year, and it still wasn't enough!) Maybe if I start now, I'll have them done by next year! lol.

Lesley said...

They look brilliant:-)

Julie said...

Oh wow!!!! they are fabulous