Thursday, 29 August 2013

Stitching updates

I managed to get a few hours worth of stitching in last Friday for the Christmas stocking SAL.  Rudolph now has his belt of bells almost complete and I’m hoping to get his head completed this week.
The teddy bear sampler is coming along nicely.  The castle and the bear are now complete so it’s just a case of working round and completing the border and adding the banner.
Seven Virtues now has 3 words completed and some of the borders – this seems to get more attention than my other stitching as it’s something I always pick up before going in to work.
I’ve got a crop to look forward to on Saturday which will be great fun as always.  Sunday I have to work but it’s a short day so not so bad – fingers crossed it will go quick enough.


Saxo Stamper said...

All looking fantastic Linda x

K x

Kate said...

Your projects are coming along quite nicely.

cucki said...

Beautiful stitching and sweet projects.
Hugs x

Julie said...

Stocking looks wonderful, I have stitched on mine but not Friday,it was Monday, as I was at the seaside Friday!

catherine said...

Your stitching projects look to be coming along nicely Linda. I am still working on my stocking but just haven't got round to photos yet- been so busy the last couple of weeks. hope you enjoyed your crop yesterday
x catherine