Saturday, 3 August 2013

Something completely different for me.

I have recently become fascinated with mixed media art.  I’ve recently discovered some really good blogs – one in particular is Jenniebellie Studio.  I’ve thought about starting an art journal many times but never really felt confident enough in my abilities and so didn’t want to buy a nice art journal book and then mess it up.  Jenny has some great tutorials, but the one on how to make your own art journal by recycling cereal packaging really appealed to me.  If I didn’t like what I did then apart from some paints, inks and papers I wouldn’t feel so guilty  and wasteful if I didn’t like my end results.
It doesn’t look much at the moment but I have made a start on the journal, using a Go Ahead yogurt biscuit box to make the cover of the journal.  It was initially covered in brown paper packaging which I get a lot of when I place an SU order and then I’ve covered it with some crackle paint.  I’ve also made some of the signatures (pages) to go in the box by using a cereal box.  It could take a while before more signatures are made as I’m the only one in our household that really eats cereals LOL.  So far I’ve only painted the signatures but it is my intention to have a go at the first page tomorrow – lots of ideas bouncing around in my head but whether they will come out exactly how I want them to on the pages is another matter.
I intend to decorate the  cover more once I have added the pages to the journal.  It’s definitely a work in progress.


cucki said...

looking so nice..
happy weekend x

Julie said...

Looking forward to seeing your new journal grow.

Lucy said...

That looks fun & really different from your stitching. I'm sure some of your blog followers would contribute cereal boxes. Unfortunately the museli I eat cones in bags or I would do x

My name is Wynneth said...

Well done on taking a different artistic direction ! Why I love art journaling is because we can choose whether to share it or keep it private as a personal creative journey. You've made a great start.