Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Seven Virtues

Over the weekend I made a start on The Seven Virtues by La-D-Da as my morning stitching.  It was another pattern I picked up from The Patchwork Rabbit a while back.  It wasn’t my first choice for a new stitch but I didn’t have the required threads for my initial choice so that one will just have to wait a little longer.  The Seven Virtues only uses four different coloured threads of which I had two but these two are the predominant colours so will keep me going for quite a while.  It is my intention to order the other two threads at the end of the week.  I will probably order the threads for the other stitched piece along with a few more charts that I see The Patchwork Rabbit has added to the shop recently – tut, tut!  The Seven Virtues was stitched onto 30 count straw linen by WDW but I found some 28 count Dove Grey linen in my stash so it will come up a little larger than the original design but at least it’s another piece of LFS (Long Forgotten Stash) that is being used.  It’s surprising what you come across when you are looking for something else.
I have also been working on the teddy bear sampler.  The photo on the left is where I had left it back in the middle of May and obviously the one on the right shows the updated progress.  I’m leaving filling in the name and date until I have completed the main stitching.  I’ll also do the rest of the gold filament thread until towards the end so that I don’t crush the thread with the hoop as I’m working on it.  I only started working on this again Sunday so am quite please with the progress I’ve made in the last few days – fingers crossed that August deadline might just be achievable.


cucki said...

Beautiful projects :)
Big hugs x

catherine said...

Great progress with all the stitching Linda. Great use of your stashed fabric too
x catherine

SoCal Debbie said...

The 7 Virtues and baby sampler are beautiful! How nice that you had the fabric in your stash already.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Good job on the progress, Linda! That is such a sweet sampler. You CAN get it done by the deadline!!

Julie said...

Seven virtues is a lvely design, well done on your progress with teddy.