Friday, 19 July 2013


that I have completed the Summer Time Delights piece of stitching within a week.  I’ve been working on this a little every morning – just need to think how I’m going to finish this one off.  I’m not sure whether to frame it or make a small pillow from it.  It was a complete joy to work on although I did make a slight alteration to the pattern as the bottom right hand corner was slightly different to the other three corners surrounding the wording.  I made them identical as I couldn’t have lived with it otherwise!
While many are saying it’s too hot I am loving the sunshine and it’s wonderful to have something near to a proper summer, something we have lacked for the past couple of years.  We had to go into town this morning (bank of mum and dad to the rescue again for one of the children) and after we had moved money around we took a stroll up onto Plymouth Hoe.  I took a few photos, one of the Eddystone Lighthouse, Tinside Pool (which looked very inviting) and looking towards The Barbican.  We stopped at the cafe on The Hoe and had a drink and enjoyed the warm sunshine on our backs.
This afternoon I have made two lemon cakes – one of which will be for the picnic we will be having tomorrow.  I have also enjoyed an afternoon of sitting in the garden working on the stocking SAL as well as pulling out a few weeds that caught my eye whilst stitching.  A thoroughly enjoyable day.


cucki said...

Wow it is looking so sweet..well done dear x

catherine said...

Super progress with your stitching Linda and it looks lovely. I know what you mean about bank of mum and dad at the moment. Hopefully my son will get a job next week after his interview and I can maybe relax a bit!!!
Great photos and glad your enjoying the sunshine- makes a lovely change for us all
x catherine

Julie said...

Super finish.
Hope you ad fun at the picnic

SoCal Debbie said...

Such a nice and quick finish! Great idea to change the corner to match the other three!