Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Norden–Swanage–Durlston and back again.

Tuesday we drove to the Norden Park and Ride and rode on the Swanage railway line – our outward journey was on a diesel multiple unit, but on the way back it was a steam train (my favourite). 

It’s a beautifully presereved railway line and you can also stop off at Corfe and see the beautiful remains of Corfe Castle
We had a mission to complete today – many years ago Ian went to Durlston and had his photo taken standing next to an enormous stone globe – he wanted to find the globe and have his photo taken next to it again so that we could e-mail it back to his mum and bring a smile to her face.  Durslton Country Park is about a two mile walk from Swanage along the coast path – a beautiful walk.  Also at Durlston is the castle, unfortunatley we weren’t able to get any good photos of the castle but this link does.  We did get a photo of the globe, me looking out from the top of the castle, the pretty spiral staircase and a miniature statue of George Burt ( a local business man of Swanage).  I’m saving the photo of Ian by the globe to go on a scrapbook LO alongside the one taken when he was a child.
We walked further along the coast path and past the entrance to Tilly Whim Caves, the entrance of which is now closed to the public and headed towards Anvil Point where Durslton Lighthouse can be found.  I have to confess we didn’t walk all the way along to the lighthouse as a sea mist was coming in and we decided to head back to the castle for a spot of lunch.  We were very pleased to find that we were able to take Max into the cafe and enjoyed a light lunch which when completed the sun had decided to come out and we made our way back to Swanage.
We wandered around a few of the shops and I was able to find another craft shop.  Two more fat quarters and a rubber stamp found their way back with me!  The two fat quarters I bought go nicely with the ones I bought on Monday.  I wonder how many I’ll find when I go to Hanson’s today at Sturminster Newton?


Suzanne said...

Oh, now I'm envious! We had a lovely weekend staying (even though it was camping) in Corfe and travelling to Swanage on that train (Mr B loves a steam train!). If Dorset is like us here on the coast in West Sussex it looks like you'll be having good weather - have a great day! xx PS. I hope you'll be showing your purchases.

Anne said...

I am so envious of your holiday. Just what I could with at the moment. Mind you have a treat coming up. Anne x

cucki said...

Beautiful xxx

Saxo Stamper said...

What a lovely day x

Thanks for a great day today, see you tomorrow

K x

Julie said...

Hubby and i loved our ride on the steam train, Swanage is such a lovely station. How wonderful you found the globe!