Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cranborne and Knowlton Church

On Thursday we met up with our friends Karen and Phillip again and this time we went to Cranborne.  We had a short walk through some fields and country lanes before having a look around the Church of St Mary and St Bartholomew which is of 12th century origin but much of what is there now is 13th and 15th century.  It was beautiful inside with some wonderful stained glass windows and some amazing carved woodworkings.
We had lunch at the Cranborne tea rooms and then walked around and took time to smell the roses of which there were loads of different varieties.  After lunch we went in search of the castle, which we did find but sadly nothing worth taking a photo of but as Karen said – another one to be ticked off the list!  Along Castle Hill are the earthwork remains of a motte and bailey castle.

We then made our way to Knowlton Church or rather the remains of the church.  Far more worthy of a picture and in a very tranquil setting.  Karen, Phillip and Barney took the opportunity to have a sit down and admire the scenery.
Then we went back to Karen and Phillips home where Karen and myself assembled the Sugar BOM for June – end result will be posted next Friday.  Neither of us were that impressed with this months block, although it did come together easily enough – I still think May’s is my favourite BOM so far.  Karen also showed me and let me use her wonderful newish sewing machine and I had a go at free motion quilting – I now want one LOL.  Another lovely day.


Julie said...

You've posted lots of lovely places you have visited Linda, i'm looking forward to seeing what you created with your crafting friend.

Kate said...

Linda, another enjoyable post with fab photos, thank you.