Monday, 27 May 2013

Pop up tent and tunnels

 This morning was dry but windy so we ventured out beyond the brick wall and tackled the triffids.  after a couple of hours work they were all dug up and bagged up ready for the recycling bins.  Still lots of work to be done to get the garden as we would like it but at least it's looking tidy behind the wall again.  Maybe this year we will keep on top of it so it doesn't get out of hand again.

DSCF2164After lunch Colette and the children came down to visit.  They'd bought them a pop up tent and tunnel set so we put it up in the front room for them to play in.  They both loved it - even Max ventured through it.  I am sure they will get hours of fun playing in this and might just invest in one for our home. As it it folds up and can be put away when they are not here it won't take up too much space and can always be put in the cupboard under the stairs.

DSCF2168Just as they were leaving the rain started to come down and didn't stop for the rest of the day so I sat and did some stitching while watching the French Open.  I decided to work on Red Riding Hood today and made really good progress.  I've completed all of the black frame on the top page and am now filling in some of the red scarf and snowflakes and then it will only leave me the bottom page of black work and the wording.  I'm going to concentrate on working on this one for the rest of the week to see if I can actually get it finished - fingers crossed.


Kaisievic said...

Sounds like a good day!

Julie said...

What fun! did you venture inside the tent to play too?? lol

Saxo Stamper said...

Oh super cute pictures, glad the garden is getting sorted and also Red Riding Hood.


Anne said...

Hi there it's rained here all day as well. All our family are away at the moment so have not seen our grandchildren. I have been crafting though so that was good. Love the photo of the little ones in the tunnel. We bought Phoebe one of those she loved it. Anne x

catherine said...

Glad you manage to do your gardening Linda. the kids look to have been having great fun in the tunnel and tent. Sounds like you have a good plan for your stitching this week too
x catherine