Sunday, 12 May 2013

Making friends

DSCF2082 is so easy in our blogging world.  I received this lovely fresh citrus coloured card (which fits in well with the furniture in our conservatory) from Darnell of djcardkreations as a thank you for following her amazing blog. The beauty of Darnell's blog is you are guaranteed to get some inspiration not only from the lady herself but links to various challenges that she lists and takes part in.  Darnell has a great way of posting and you are almost guaranteed to have a smile on your face when you've finished reading her posts.  Finally this lovely lady always acknowledges her new followers in her posts which always leads to even more blog hopping and finding fresh inspiration from other crafters.  A big Thank You Darnell. XXX

DSCF2083A little stitching update - there hasn't been a great deal of stitching happening the past two weeks - cards and general household chores have taken up most of my time recently.  I did manage to work on my stocking SAL for the past two Fridays but I didn't make a great deal of progress.  The first week I was pleasantly distracted with the company of my friend Lisa and the Friday just gone I came home from work with a headache and only managed to add a little bit more blue to the project.  I am hoping this Friday will be far more productive as I don't have to go to work

DH and I have both got this week off from work and it's meant to be a week of sorting out.  Yesterday the cupboard under the stairs was targeted first and we managed to shift quite a bit of forgotten rubbish out of there including the cage we had when we first got Max although never really needed but it's what he was put in when he first lived with our DS1 and came with him when we adopted him.  We've never been one for putting dogs in cages and thankfully Max settled in quickly with us and we were able to trust him without ever having to put him in there.  We're thinking perhaps it could be used by the cats & dogs home so will see if they would like it.

The loft was our next target - it's amazing jut how many empty cardboard boxes you can get in a loft.  There were dozens of them which we flat packed and then took down the refuse tip along with all the polystyrene packaging that came with the goods in the first place.  There are a few boxes with other things that have been dumped up there which we need to go through but it's cleared quite a bit of space up there now so the bedroom ceilings should hold out for a few more years yet.

More sorting out to do during the rest of the week but DH has gone to 'play' trains today and I'm finally going to sit and do some stitching - not much else to be done as the weather is not very nice today, lots of showers and no sunshine :(

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.


Julie said...

I hope you are enjoying some nice stitching time Linda, weather here is horrible too, heavy rain and dismal. I'm having a blog reading catchvup today as I have got way behind since my hols.

Yours stockings growing lovely. Have updated my blog with a pic of the past 2 weeks progress.

Enjoy your week off - don't work to hard clearing out!

Saxo Stamper said...

Sal Is looking a great, the card is beautiful.

Glad you have managed to get two of your jobs done.

K x x

Mrs A. said...

Darnell is a lovely lady. Have been following her blog for some time. Love her stories about the Twinks. We have just done a massive clear out of the garage ,shed and lofts. We ended up hiring a van and had 3 whole loads to take over the tip. Feels good when it as all be cleared though. Hugs Mrs a.

cucki said...

sweet sal..looking very pretty..
the card is so cute..
big hugs x

Darnell J Knauss said...

Aw, I'm blushing from the attention, Linda! Thank you so much for all your kind words and the grand shoutout!! I'm glad your card arrived safely.

I've just enjoyed a wheel back through several posts I've missed. I so thoroughly loved your cards and LOL at Max snuggled into your pajamas!

Finally, Belated Happy Anniversary wishes!! Yes, it's so true, the next 29 will pass as quickly. LITS!! xxoo Darnell

catherine said...

That was such a lovely thought from your blogging friend Linda. Stitching looks good. We are moving in 4 weeks so we are too on the tidying out stage!! We have moved things from one house to another in the RAf for the last 22 years so time to be ruthless now!!!
x catherine