Thursday, 30 May 2013

It’s complete

DSCF2190 It's been a good day.  The  sun came out so I was able to get washing on the line.  A parcel that was to be redelivered today turned up before I went to work.  I got to put the final stitches in on Red Riding Hood with a few minutes to spare before having to go into work as well.

Here she is all complete and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed working on this one.  I did wonder if I would get bored with just four colours but as it stitched up really quick so no time to get bored.  I would definitely stitch another of the designs by Primative Hare - just need to think which one I would like to add to my never ending project list LOL!  I've just notice that Isobel is doing an International swap with her new pattern book Prim Atmospheres - sign up is by 1st June - may just have to join in the fun!

DSCF2192I've taken a close up picture of the sweet little snowflakes as they don't really show up in the picture shown in it's entirety.

I have my next 2013 start kitted up and ready to start but I don't think I will start it until the weekend as it's been a very busy day at work and all I want to do now is sit down and watch the tennis.

Tomorrow it's time for the stocking SAL but before that I am taking MIL, DD and DS2 to the crematorium to lay some flowers in the garden of remembrance as it would have been FIL's birthday.  I've bought him some red carnations.


cucki said...

Wow she is beautiful :)
Hugs x

Barbi said...

This is a gorgeous piece Linda!! Well done!

Karen K said...

Hi Linda

Oh it's beautiful, well done, it looks amazing.

What a lovely idea to take some flowers to the garden of rememberance x x x

K x

Julie said...

Fabulous finish.
I'll be stocking stitching this evening too.
{big hug}i hope you can all enjoy a happy memory of your FIL as you lay his flowers xxx

Suzanne said...

Lovely work Linda, I love the primitive colours. XX

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This is a great piece, is she intending to do some more fairy tales? They'd make a great series. This reminds me of a woodcut illustration for some reason.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Love your RRH finish, Linda! I like Jo's idea of a series of them.