Monday, 6 May 2013

Everything Eleanor box set

DSCF2074 One of the many blogs I follow is Stamping with Sandi - I always find lots of inspiration when I visit Sandi's blog and this lady also runs a group called Stamping and Blogging which she co-runs with another lady called Heather.  I've joined the Stamping and Blogging group and found a wonderful set of tutorials which enabled me to make this lovely box and a set of cards to go inside it.

DSCF2073I didn't have the papers that Sandi used so have different ones to create my box but have followed the way it was decorated according to the tutorial.  I also tweaked a few of the card ideas to go with the papers I had but followed the layouts of the cards Sandi made using the lovely set of stamps from SU called Everything Eleanor.  I didn't have this stamp set but my dear friend Jacqueline allowed me to borrow them so I hope she will enjoy looking at the creations I have made with them.  They are now on my wish list and no doubt will be arriving in an SU parcel within the next month!

So a big thank you to both Jacqueline for the use of her stamps and Sandi for her wonderful tutorials which are available as both pdf printout sheets and there are accompanying videos to guide you through the process.  There is a monthly fee to pay to join Stamping and Blogging but I think it is definitely worth it.

Another glorious day here is South Devon.  This morning we were able to get out and tackle the front garden.  Our DS2 decided to dig up part of the front garden a couple of years ago to extend our drive - it's still a work in progress.  He's been doing it in very slow installments but the last installment he just dumped a pile of turf on the small amount of lawn that had been left and we very lazily didn't do much about it either.  However I finally got fed up of seeing the mound of turfs and an abundance of dandelions so we set about digging them up and trying to make a decent bed for some flowers to go in at some time.  Unfortunately there are a lot of tree roots from the trees that line the road we live in so the soil is not easy to dig and we have to go careful as the cable lines for the TV go under the garden too.  Having said that we got the grass and the weeds up today and some time soon I hope we will get some decent earth put on top and hopefully put some plants in and make the front garden look a bit more respectable.  When the next installment of the drive will take place is anybodies guess.  I took photos of before and after but will wait to post them until we have got some flowers in situ and it looks pretty - don't hold your breath as it could be a while!!!


cucki said...

Looking so beautiful..
Big hugs x

Anne said...

That is so beautiful Linda. I am very tempted to join. How is payment taken for this? Anne x

catherine said...

This looks fantastic Linda and such a great idea. Hope the next instalment for the drive is soon for you!
x catherine

Julie said...

The little boxes are so lovely, they would make a great birthday gift and very special that there were handmade cards inside too.
You are clever...

Suzanne said...

Really pretty. XX