Friday, 31 May 2013

May Sugar Block

DSCF2149 Well it's the last Friday in the month so it's time to share this month's Sugar Block with you.  I think this has been my favourite block so far.  I used five different fabrics for this block - I did have a minor hiccup and stitched one of the corners around the wrong way and didn't actually notice until I went to press the complete block out LOL!  I was able to just take the one small block out and reassemble rather than the two strips so it wasn't too bad rectifying my goof.

DSCF2152I'm also showing this cute Advent calendar that Lisa and I made a couple of weekends ago when she came down to 'play'.  I found the instructions on Brenda's blog - what an amazing lady, lots and lots of inspiration and tutorials can be found there.  Now I've made one I have lots more to make - this is the mass production project I said I would be doing a few weeks ago.  I'd like to make one for all my work colleagues in pharmacy and I guess if I can get one done each week I should get there in plenty of time.

It's the Exeter crop tomorrow - I have some photos printed just need to decide what I need to take with me to embellish the pages I am hoping to create.  It's sure to be fun regardless of how much or how little I get done.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

It’s complete

DSCF2190 It's been a good day.  The  sun came out so I was able to get washing on the line.  A parcel that was to be redelivered today turned up before I went to work.  I got to put the final stitches in on Red Riding Hood with a few minutes to spare before having to go into work as well.

Here she is all complete and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed working on this one.  I did wonder if I would get bored with just four colours but as it stitched up really quick so no time to get bored.  I would definitely stitch another of the designs by Primative Hare - just need to think which one I would like to add to my never ending project list LOL!  I've just notice that Isobel is doing an International swap with her new pattern book Prim Atmospheres - sign up is by 1st June - may just have to join in the fun!

DSCF2192I've taken a close up picture of the sweet little snowflakes as they don't really show up in the picture shown in it's entirety.

I have my next 2013 start kitted up and ready to start but I don't think I will start it until the weekend as it's been a very busy day at work and all I want to do now is sit down and watch the tennis.

Tomorrow it's time for the stocking SAL but before that I am taking MIL, DD and DS2 to the crematorium to lay some flowers in the garden of remembrance as it would have been FIL's birthday.  I've bought him some red carnations.

The Patchwork Rabbit

DSCF2189 If anyone hasn't used the Patchwork Rabbit yet then I am highly recommending them to you today.  Karla who runs this small family business is super friendly and highly efficient.  I ordered the required red thread Tuesday morning and it was delivered through my door yesterday.  The threads are much cheaper than many other online shops, there are lots of patterns, threads and other notions available to buy as well.  On top of that the postage costs are also very reasonable too.

With the prompt arrival of the red thread I was able to spend a fair amount of time on RRH yesterday.  I've completed all the black work so all that is left is the word Hood, a few snowflakes and the last of the red scarf.  I'm going to try and get it finished today.  Thanks again to Karla.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Out of red

DSCF2188 I ran out of red for RRH yesterday evening so first thing this morning I ordered some more from The Patchwork Rabbit (along with some DMC threads) so with any luck they will be here by Thursday.  This evening I carried on with the black and added some more snowflakes.  I've got some more of the writing to do and for a while I couldn't find the second skein of Pecan Pie which was a bit worrying as it had only recently been sent to me.  I found it with some other threads that I had ordered for one of my many other projects I have got lined up ready to start!  I am feeling optimistic that providing the red thread arrives by Thursday that I might actually get this completed by the end of May.  It will be no surprise to know that I already have another project in mind and almost kitted up - the new start will be a gift for my MIL but I can't start it until RRH is complete.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Pop up tent and tunnels

 This morning was dry but windy so we ventured out beyond the brick wall and tackled the triffids.  after a couple of hours work they were all dug up and bagged up ready for the recycling bins.  Still lots of work to be done to get the garden as we would like it but at least it's looking tidy behind the wall again.  Maybe this year we will keep on top of it so it doesn't get out of hand again.

DSCF2164After lunch Colette and the children came down to visit.  They'd bought them a pop up tent and tunnel set so we put it up in the front room for them to play in.  They both loved it - even Max ventured through it.  I am sure they will get hours of fun playing in this and might just invest in one for our home. As it it folds up and can be put away when they are not here it won't take up too much space and can always be put in the cupboard under the stairs.

DSCF2168Just as they were leaving the rain started to come down and didn't stop for the rest of the day so I sat and did some stitching while watching the French Open.  I decided to work on Red Riding Hood today and made really good progress.  I've completed all of the black frame on the top page and am now filling in some of the red scarf and snowflakes and then it will only leave me the bottom page of black work and the wording.  I'm going to concentrate on working on this one for the rest of the week to see if I can actually get it finished - fingers crossed.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Stocking SAL update

 What a glorious day it's been today.  I did have to go to work this morning but only for three hours and then I was able to enjoy the blazing sunshine sat in DS1's garden, chatting to DIL and playing with Connor and Elisha.  David cooked us Sunday roast and much later in the day we had a BBQ - I am stuffed with food.  But it was a very enjoyable day.  They all seem so much happier in their new home which is great.

DSCF2160Here's an updated photo of Connor's Christmas stocking - as you can see one of the reindeers is starting to emerge.  He has a pair of antlers and almost a complete head.  This is a two week progress report and I'm happy with how it's coming along.  I think I'm going to be hard pushed to get two stockings finished this year but I will certainly give it my best shot.

DSCF2158Yesterday it was the Exeter crop and I finally got round to creating an  8 x 8 LO of Logan and Savannah last Halloween.  It now means their second year album is now complete.  I can now start working on photos from his second birthday and try and get that up to date again.  I also managed to get another photo of DH and Connor (taken on C's 2nd birthday) put onto a LO, along with a two page LO of a recent trip to Cowslip with my friend Moya.  I used up the all scraps from all the LO's and made three Halloween cards and three general cards so a good days work.

I'm not working tomorrow but it really depends on what the weather is going to be like as to what we will be doing.  I'm hoping for some dry spells so the triffids can finally be tackled but if it's wet then I'd like to give the bathroom a freshen up with some paint on the walls and ceilings.  I was surprised that DH's preference was to tackle the triffids so let's keep our fingers crossed for another fine day.

I hope you've been enjoying the bank holiday weekend too.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Happy Birthday to me

DSCF2157 It's my birthday today and I have already been very spoilt.  I have received some wonderful handmade cards from my crafting buddies and lots of cards from family and non crafting friends.  I had my youngest grandson ring me and wish me a Happy Birthday this morning - he's only two and it was wonderful - they also called in to see me this morning which was very nice.

Lots of birthday presents to open too.  I have had a lovely bracelet and matching earrings which I can actually wear to work as I no longer work in catering.  Two Sizzix hexagon dies, two gift vouchers for Cowslips, a border punch, a dress, a canary pillow (which I had admired while out one day with DH and will keep me comfy in my chair), money, lots of new stamps to play with and a handmade felt heart brooch.  I am extremely grateful for all these lovely gifts and having such wonderful family and friends making my day extra special - thank you x

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

WOYWW #207

DSCF2154 Today on my workspace is the lovely prize I won from Jo of Serendipitous Stitching for taking part in her fun Easter Treasure Hunt blog hop.  There was a whole bag of goodies including some lovely fabric (which funnily enough I was only looking at and admiring this morning), buttons, ribbon, chocolate Thorntons bunny, raspberry and echinacea teabags (to die fabric with or probably in my case drink) and a lovely birds and blossoms card (very pretty and sparkly).

DSCF2156The best part though was this gorgeous hand stitched bag that they came in - isn't that bunny cute and the stitching is just perfect.  Thank you so much Jo.

Jo currently has a 400th follower blog giveaway going on her blog and trust me it's worth following her blog.  Not only does Jo herself post about her stitching projects, she also regularly holds blog hops for people to take part in and provides useful references to other sites.  Why not pop over if you haven't already done so and become a follower too.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rain, rain, go away

 It's hard to believe we are nearly half way through the month of May.  It's gone cooler again and it did nothing but rain today.  It's just gone 8 in the evening and it has finally stopped.  I am so glad that we managed to get the lawn cut yesterday and tidied up the borders again.  We were going to go behind the garden wall and deal with the triffids that have evolved over the past couple of months as well but the rain decided to pay a visit.   Of course the plants need the water and we have some lovely flowers in bloom including this Camelia.  We have some rhubarb growing nicely and I think I will pick some later in the week and make either a crumble or pie.  We have lots of blossom on our dwarf apple trees and also lots of gooseberries to look forward to looking at it today.  Our blueberry bush is also looking good although we did have a few birds taking an interest in them as well at the weekend.  I have some Begonias and Geraniums that need to be put into the front garden borders - no point putting them in the back garden as they always seem to get eaten by the slugs.  For some reason they don't go in the front garden which is good.

DSCF2086With it being so rainy today I have managed to get some more sorting out done.  The desk which had been on the landing for several months has now been dismantled and has gone to it's new home at the model railway club for it's members to make use of.  We bought a cube unit yesterday so I have moved all the scrapbook albums that were in the downstairs cupboard into that.  This meant I could then put all the glasses and few bottles of alcoholic beverages that we possess into the front room cupboard.  With that being done it freed up space in a cupboard in the kitchen which normal people would put food in but it is now housing my SU stamps sets that come in the DVD type cases.  Just a few things left on the landing but they will hopefully find new homes in the next couple of weeks.  I do believe we are finally making progress although I don't think we'd ever be able to down size!

DSCF2088An update of the teddy sampler which I intend to spend at least an hour on this evening while watching the tennis. I managed to almost complete another of the small teddy ballerinas on Sunday and am hoping to finish that one this evening and then work on the clouds again.

I had some nice stitching post today.  Part 9 of The Flock by Sam Sarah Designs which is on auto subscription with the Patchwork Rabbit and another Stacy Nash primitive kit which I get quarterly from The Sampler Girls.  Somehow I don't think I will be bored when I get to retire with all the projects I have lined up.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Making friends

DSCF2082 is so easy in our blogging world.  I received this lovely fresh citrus coloured card (which fits in well with the furniture in our conservatory) from Darnell of djcardkreations as a thank you for following her amazing blog. The beauty of Darnell's blog is you are guaranteed to get some inspiration not only from the lady herself but links to various challenges that she lists and takes part in.  Darnell has a great way of posting and you are almost guaranteed to have a smile on your face when you've finished reading her posts.  Finally this lovely lady always acknowledges her new followers in her posts which always leads to even more blog hopping and finding fresh inspiration from other crafters.  A big Thank You Darnell. XXX

DSCF2083A little stitching update - there hasn't been a great deal of stitching happening the past two weeks - cards and general household chores have taken up most of my time recently.  I did manage to work on my stocking SAL for the past two Fridays but I didn't make a great deal of progress.  The first week I was pleasantly distracted with the company of my friend Lisa and the Friday just gone I came home from work with a headache and only managed to add a little bit more blue to the project.  I am hoping this Friday will be far more productive as I don't have to go to work

DH and I have both got this week off from work and it's meant to be a week of sorting out.  Yesterday the cupboard under the stairs was targeted first and we managed to shift quite a bit of forgotten rubbish out of there including the cage we had when we first got Max although never really needed but it's what he was put in when he first lived with our DS1 and came with him when we adopted him.  We've never been one for putting dogs in cages and thankfully Max settled in quickly with us and we were able to trust him without ever having to put him in there.  We're thinking perhaps it could be used by the cats & dogs home so will see if they would like it.

The loft was our next target - it's amazing jut how many empty cardboard boxes you can get in a loft.  There were dozens of them which we flat packed and then took down the refuse tip along with all the polystyrene packaging that came with the goods in the first place.  There are a few boxes with other things that have been dumped up there which we need to go through but it's cleared quite a bit of space up there now so the bedroom ceilings should hold out for a few more years yet.

More sorting out to do during the rest of the week but DH has gone to 'play' trains today and I'm finally going to sit and do some stitching - not much else to be done as the weather is not very nice today, lots of showers and no sunshine :(

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

I got a little distracted

DSCF2079 I should really be finishing off the baby blanket but instead I've knitted an owl from a kit that came with last months Let's Knit magazine.  My excuse was that I needed something small and easy to do while crafting with friends last night.  I managed to knit the body of the owl last night and then knitted his wings this morning and put him altogether before going into work.  He's now sitting on top of our clock in our lounge and settling into his new surroundings.  I think he's cute and I'm sure Logan will like him too.

There hasn't been much stitching going on this week as I've also been distracted with a paper crafting project which if it turns out well will go into mass production as (sorry to mention the word so early) Christmas gifts.

One more day at work and then I have a week off - we're not going anywhere but we have a lot of sorting out to do - hopefully neither of us will get distracted with other things and we will achieve our objectives.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Everything Eleanor box set

DSCF2074 One of the many blogs I follow is Stamping with Sandi - I always find lots of inspiration when I visit Sandi's blog and this lady also runs a group called Stamping and Blogging which she co-runs with another lady called Heather.  I've joined the Stamping and Blogging group and found a wonderful set of tutorials which enabled me to make this lovely box and a set of cards to go inside it.

DSCF2073I didn't have the papers that Sandi used so have different ones to create my box but have followed the way it was decorated according to the tutorial.  I also tweaked a few of the card ideas to go with the papers I had but followed the layouts of the cards Sandi made using the lovely set of stamps from SU called Everything Eleanor.  I didn't have this stamp set but my dear friend Jacqueline allowed me to borrow them so I hope she will enjoy looking at the creations I have made with them.  They are now on my wish list and no doubt will be arriving in an SU parcel within the next month!

So a big thank you to both Jacqueline for the use of her stamps and Sandi for her wonderful tutorials which are available as both pdf printout sheets and there are accompanying videos to guide you through the process.  There is a monthly fee to pay to join Stamping and Blogging but I think it is definitely worth it.

Another glorious day here is South Devon.  This morning we were able to get out and tackle the front garden.  Our DS2 decided to dig up part of the front garden a couple of years ago to extend our drive - it's still a work in progress.  He's been doing it in very slow installments but the last installment he just dumped a pile of turf on the small amount of lawn that had been left and we very lazily didn't do much about it either.  However I finally got fed up of seeing the mound of turfs and an abundance of dandelions so we set about digging them up and trying to make a decent bed for some flowers to go in at some time.  Unfortunately there are a lot of tree roots from the trees that line the road we live in so the soil is not easy to dig and we have to go careful as the cable lines for the TV go under the garden too.  Having said that we got the grass and the weeds up today and some time soon I hope we will get some decent earth put on top and hopefully put some plants in and make the front garden look a bit more respectable.  When the next installment of the drive will take place is anybodies guess.  I took photos of before and after but will wait to post them until we have got some flowers in situ and it looks pretty - don't hold your breath as it could be a while!!!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Friday smiles

DSCF2070My friend Lisa came down for the weekend on Friday.  DH was away for the weekend so we decided to go out for something to eat Friday evening.  We left Max at home and I knew he'd make himself comfortable on our bed but I didn't realise just how comfortable he'd make himself.  Max came down the stairs to greet us when we got home and he had snuggled into my pajamas while we were out and this is the site that greeted us and had us in fits of laughter.  He'd actually managed to get his head and body through one of the short sleeves of my PJ's.  A snug fit so he was very warm and cosy.

DSCF2066I've finally got round to taking some photos of the LO's that I made while at the Exeter crop last weekend.  They all still need either the date or some journalling to be added to them.   The first LO is of me and Max when we all went to Canonteign Falls one sunny day a few years ago.  I used the papers from the March kit with some letters from the April kit.  The strands of burlap I draped around the letters and also added some gems to give is a bit of sparkle.  This just needs the date added to it but I need to trawl through all the photo files on the old laptop for that.

DSCF2067For the second LO I've used two photos of Elisha which were taken by my DIL and catch the impish nature of Elisha perfectly.  These papers came from the April kit and just went perfectly with the top Elisha was wearing.  Flowers came from an old kit and so did the sentiment.  Not entirely sure if I have finished this or not.

DSCF2068The final LO are photos that were taken last March when we walked from Bedford Bridge to Yelverton.  It was a lovely sunny day very unlike March of this year.  It was so nice we were able to have tea and cakes outside the deli shop at Yelverton.  This one just needs the exact date and some journalling to be added to it.  The papers came from the March kit which also had the lovely burlap which I have matted my photos on to try and give it a slight rustic feel.

Yesterday Lisa and I went to the Bodmin craft show with our friends Allie and Jacqueline.  It's not a big craft show and it's a pity it's not better supported but the exhibitors that were there had a nice variety of crafting goodies.  I was very restrained for me and only bought a couple more stamp sets, some fat quarters and a couple of embossing folders.

Today Lisa and I have been crafting and we have made a beautiful box which will eventually hold a set of six cards.  It took us quite a while to make and decorate the box but it's was worth the effort - very shabby chic looking.  Will take a photo of it once I have made all of the cards to go in it.  I managed to make three once Lisa had gone home and hope to make the other three tomorrow.

I hope you have had a good bank holiday, apart from a bit of drizzle yesterday morning it's been quite a good one weather wise in the SW.  Not sure what tomorrow holds but I am hoping to get DH (who is now back home) out in the garden for some more tidying up.  No doubt it will rain now!