Monday, 8 April 2013

Teddy progress

We had a phone call from DS1 yesterday morning to say Elisha was back in hospital due to her rash - the latest diagnosis was they thought it was a severe case of impetigo so I had to give DD a phone call to let her know so that she could keep an eye on Logan and Savannah.  As I was settling down to do some weeding in the garden in the early afternoon I had a phone call from DS1 to say the Dr's no longer thought it was impetigo and so Elisha was being discharged and could I pick DIL and GD up from hospital and take them home.  The latest is that no-one at the hospital seems to know what it is but they have now ruled out impetigo, chicken pox and thankfully meningitis.  They now have to wait to see a skin specialist who is supposed to be giving them a ring today to arrange an appointment - in the meantime we anxiously wait to find out what is causing this rash on the poor little girl.  Her immune system is so low and her blood sugars all over the place at the moment so it is quite a worrying time.

In the evening I finally got round to picking up the teddy bear sampler that I am trying to get completed for Savannah's 1st birthday.  This is what it looked like when I first started work on it late yesterday afternoon


I managed to get quite a few hours worth of stitching in while watching Country File and Foyle's War.  This is how much I got done and I am extremely pleased with the progress that I have made on it now - fingers crossed I can get quite a bit more of it done this week.  I am trying to do the back stitching as I go along as it is one of my pet hates although I know needed on a lot of stitching as it really brings the picture to life and gives definition - I just find it very tedious though!
Going back to the gardening link I had to leave the weeding to go and collect DIL and GD but to my upmost surprise DH had completed the border which we had been working - I was very pleased as it means we can work on another area next weekend if we don't get chance to do so during the week.


Kate said...

Your teddy bear sampler is quite lovely. I don't mind backstitching and for me it's often a welcome relief from x-stitching a large area; I've noticed many charts these days don't have any backstitching. Good news that Elisha doesn't have anything dreadful and hopefully they will soon sort out her rash so she can be on the road to feeling better. ♥

Julie said...

You've done loads on such a pretty project Linda, the backstitch certainly makes a difference... keep at it lol.

Lots more get well wishes for your grandaughter, i hope the skin specialist can help her and ease the worry for you all.

Emma/Itzy said...

oh i do hope they find out what is wrong with her, it is so frustrating when even the qualified people cannot tell you what is wrong!

Great progress on your stitching :)

cucki said...

sweet progress x

catherine said...

I do hope they sort out the problem soon for her Linda.
Great stitching progress and surprises me how you manage so well while watching the TV!!!

x catherine

Karen K said...

Hope Elisha is better soon x

lovely stitching Linda, you are making progress

K x

Darnell J Knauss said...

Wonderful stitching, Linda, and wonderful DH you have there to surprise you with the help!

I'm so sorry the poor little thing is suffering from that rash and will definitely put her on my prayer list! Big Hugs to you!!