Saturday, 27 April 2013

Off the top

DSCF2030 I've finally finished the top of the Christmas stocking.  I do have to confess that I added the name to it this evening as I really want to work on the bottom half of the stocking next week.  I also changed out the colour for the name - they had used yellow but it just wasn't showing up when I was back stitching so I've gone with grey instead and it can now be seen clearly.   I had a slight panic moment when I looked at the bottom of the stocking and wondered if I had cut the fabric wide enough.  I counted over to where the the last column on the far right would go and thankfully there will be enough to include a decent seam allowance - phew!

I have had a wonderful day at the Exeter Scrapaholix group - I even managed to put together three LO's which only need a little finishing off at home.  I was really pleased as some of the photos I've had printed since last year, if not even the year before so it was good to finally get them on pages.  I've decided to have a good look around the house and round up all the photos I've already printed out to work on each month along with some new ones.  I used up last months kit for two of the LO's and some of the lovely papers and cardstock from this months with some photos that DIL had passed onto me of Elisha.  A good days progress which I will share with you during the week.


Kaisievic said...

The stocking is looking really good but I have to ask, what is a LO?

catherine said...

Your stitching looks great Linda and is coming along really well. So glad you enjoyed your scrapbooking day and looking forward to seeing the layouts
x catherine

Christine said...

The stocking is looking gorgeous

Kate said...

The stocking is such a lot of work but is looking fabulous!

cucki said...

so sweet x

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Your stocking is progressing nicely. Conner will live it. I'm also curious as to what an LO is?

Julie said...

Had a lovely catch up read after my hols Linda, just getting back into blog reading again, so many to catch up with.

Connor's stocking is looking superb, i love the design and so will he. We are at the same bit, i have completed the top half of mine too and will start the bottom section this week.

Your cards are beautiful and the quilting looks wonderful.

The teddy sampler is cute and will make a lovely 1st birthday gift for Savannah.