Sunday, 7 April 2013

Nearly but not quite

DSCF1984 Friday was stocking SAL day and I had hoped to get to the top of the blue border by the end of the evening.  I nearly made it but not quite - I am pleased with the continued progress though and am sure that two more weeks and I should have completed the top half of the stocking.

Yesterday we looked after the two youngest granchildren while our daughter moved house.  We took them for a ride out to Bere Alston to see their cousins (our other grandchildren) and we had a lovely day with all of them.  Sadly Elisha had been in hospital earlier in the week with a tummy bug and still wasn't feeling 100%.  Her blood sugars are all over the place and the doctors think the rash that has appeared is viral.  Fingers crossed it wasn't anything contagious and Logan and Savannah don't come down with anything.  Logan and Connor thoroughly enjoyed their time together while Savannah and Elisha watched.  We enjoyed our lunch out in the sunshine and for the first time in ages it felt like a lovely Spring day.

On our way home from dropping the grandchildren home we saw a lady fall over while walking her dogs.  We went to assist and by the look of it she had broken two of her fingers and bumped her head.  We sat with her while she called her husband and we also got an ambulance for her.  We called upon one of our friends who lived not far from where she fell so that we could get a pillow and blanket to make her more comfortable while we were waiting.  Her husband came and took their dogs home and not long after the ambulance arrived so all was as well as could be hoped for her.  Turns out she knows my mum and only lives a short distance from my parents so I will pop round with a get well card this week and see how she is recovering. 

Yesterday evening I worked on RRH managed to get a fair bit done only to find I had counted incorrectly so had to unpick some of the work I'd put in.  Will try and count correctly this afternoon - that's the trouble when I get distracted with a programme on TV!

A partially sunny but very windy day today - hoping to get out and do some more tidying up in the garden later once we have called in to see MIL for a cup of coffee and a biscuit.


Emma/Itzy said...

Lovely progress on your stocking - so close to finishing the blue!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Good progress on your stocking! It's going to be so cute! Lucky you happened by to help that lady. I'm sure she was so grateful.

Kate said...

Your stocking is quite lovely but I kept saying to myself 'that is such a lot of work'. :D Hope the granddaughter is ok. Just bet that lady you stopped to help was glad that you were passing by when you did. :)

cucki said...

Sweet x

Julie said...

Get well wishes to your gandaughter, I hope she is soon feeling much better.

The lady is lucky you are good people and helped out, lots would have just walked straight past... or is that just here in the city they do that!

The stockings looking stunning, lots more stitching in yours than mine, mines got lots of gaps lol.

Bonnie Brown said...

The stocking is cute!

catherine said...

Stitching is looking great Linda and I'm sure you will get to the end of the blue quickly enough. Sounds like an eventful day yesterday and hope the lady with the dogs is ok.
x catherine

Karen K said...

Oh bless hope little Elisha gets better soon and of course the lady who fell over.

Your stitching looks great too.

K xxx