Sunday, 14 April 2013

Halfway through the forest

DSCF2004 I have managed to complete half of the tree background for RRH and although it's all black that I'm working with at the moment I'm not finding it as tedious as all the blue of the stocking.  I guess it's because there is counting involved to get the pattern correct.  I have made a few mistakes as I've been doing the border so have had to unpick it a few times but thankfully I have generally noticed before I got too far along.  I am hoping to get the other half of the top border completed this week - all depends on how much time I get before I go into work each day.

We managed to get to the garden centre yesterday to buy the compost but think we'll have to have another trip as some how I don't think three bags are going to be enough to fill the huge planters that mum gave to us.  We also bought a couple of trays of Viola's an a couple of Geraniums which we bought because we liked the variegated foliage.  We also enjoyed lunch at the garden centre but sadly due to the weather being far too wet we didn't actually get anything transplanted or potted.  Fingers crossed we will have some drier weather during the week and get them done then.

This morning I did the few household chores I needed to do before calling round to see DS1 and his family.  It is our eldest grandson's birthday tomorrow so I wanted to make sure that Connor had his birthday present to open in the morning.  I spent a nice couple of hours in their company and am glad to say that Elisha's rash has almost gone and she is feeling much better - back to her usual lively self.

The rest of this afternoon I have spent working on the teddy sampler as DH has been at the SDR Buckfastleigh on driver experience day - an opportunity for grown men and women to play at being train drivers for the day.  DH helps to supervise these events and obviously gets just as much fun out of it as the participants.  I hope to continue working on the teddy sampler this evening - not sure how much I'll get done as my brother is supposed to be popping over as he has been staying with our parents this week but every little stitch is a step further to completion.

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend whatever you may have been doing.  Hopefully the weather has been kinder to a lot of you.


cucki said...

It is truly looking so sweet x

Darnell J Knauss said...

Ah, spring and trips to the garden center! It's wonderful planting all that new life and color. I hope you get some dry weather to plant them soon!

Happy Birthday to Connor and I'm delighted to hear that Elisha's rash is almost gone!!

Emma/Itzy said...

Your stitching is coming along lovely :) Glad to hear your grand daughter is all better now too!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow, what a lovely piece you're working on.

catherine said...

You seem to have been busy with your stitching lately linda but progress looks good. glad to hear the little one's rash is healing too
x catherine