Saturday, 13 April 2013

Blue skies

DSCF1987 Oh I wish it were blue skies today - sadly it's overcast and showery.  However I have completed the blue sky on the stocking SAL which I have to confess I found very tedious. Next week I should be able to get the red and yellow border completed at the top which again will be quite a chore.  I shall be able to work on the bottom part of the stocking after that which will be much more fun as the reindeer start to emerge.

Also this week I have managed to work on both the teddy sampler and RRH but will leave progress photos of them until later.

Elisha still has her rash but by all accounts is feeling better in herself.  They have seen a total of 8 different doctors and the majority verdict is that it is only a viral rash so antihistamines have been given to help with the itching so that she doesn't get any infection where she has been scratching.  They did say it might take some time to disappear but at least in herself she is feeling better.

We are off to the garden centre this morning once we have taken Max out for a walk.  I need to buy some compost so that we can tidy up the large planters in the garden - might just have to get a little wet while we do them but it's a task I want to get completed today.  Will probably buy some seasonal plants to try and add some colour to the garden - no doubt we'll stop off in the coffee shop too for a drink and some cake!


Kate said...

I totally empathize with the tediousness of stitching one colour - good on you for completing it. Nice to read the good news about your granddaughter and nice to read about spring - we're still waiting although yesterday was promising that spring was near...

cucki said...

So sweet x

Saxo Stamper said...

Coming on Linda x it's looking lovely , glad Elisha is on the mend.

catherine said...

Well done Linda on your completed part of the stitching. Hope little one is feeling better and the rash disappears. Hope you manged to sort out your garden and had a good visit to the garden centre
x catherine