Monday, 1 April 2013

Almost at the top

DSCF1980 I didn't complete Red Riding Hood in March as I had hoped but I am more than happy with how much I have stitched this month.  I have almost reached the top of the left hand border and have managed to keep count of the rows despite being very distracted by the Andy Murray match yesterday.  Might have made it to the top had it not taken him so long to win the Miami Masters and become No 2 in the world again.  I will try very hard to get this completed by the end of April.

I also intend to work on Yiota's landscape, teddy bear sampler and stocking SAL this month.   Would like to try and get the sampler completed for Savannah's first birthday but think I'm probably being over optomistic there as there is a still a lot to do on that one.

This evening I made a start on making something out of a layer cake which I have had in my fabric stash for some months now.  I've made lots of blocks for quilting practice but as of yet haven't made an entire quilt.  So my quilting objectives this month are to finally make a quilt from the layer cake using a very simple pattern, complete the April Sugar BOM (more foundation paper piecing - groan!) and get back to finishing the Craftsy BOM's from 2012!!!

The baby blanket still hasn't been finished - I made a mistakethe last time I worked on it and as of yet I haven't quite figured out how to rectify it but it is something I must do as the baby is due at the beginning of May.

Cardmaking and scrapbooking stash is still being sorted but hope to get the stash that is on the landing put on some shelves that have been put up in the small bedroom (known as DH's playroom).  This will mean the desk can be moved off the landing and help it look a bit (lot) tidier.

A lot planned for this month which also includes making the garden look tidier and trying to get back to making soups and cakes on a Friday again.  Too much procrastination on the computer hampers my productivity so I'm trying to make a determined effort to cut back on the time I spend on it without missing out on all the creative blogs I love to follow.  We'll see how much progress I make on everything when I do a review at the end of the month!


cucki said...

Wow it is looking so beautiful ..
Happy April x

Kaisievic said...

Hi Linda, Red Riding Hood is looking fantastic! I have just ordered it from Isabella. You certainly have lists of crafty goals this month. Good luck with them all.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Your RRH is looking great! You sure have a lot planned for the month! I'll be looking forward to watching your progress!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Sounds like you have a full plate of crafting goodness to conquer!! Oh well, it should keep you out of trouble, right?? *wink* Enjoy the process and have fun in your garden for me, OK? I'd LOVE to have one!!!

My name is Wynneth said...

Well done on getting so much of RRH stitched and good luck with achieving the HUGE ToDo list for April !!

I too groaned out loud when I got the SBC block for April email - why is she being such a MEANIE to us eh? LOL My plan of action is to tackle it head-on as soon as possible rather than just thinking about it for most of the month as I did for Feb's BOM !

Like you, I'm also spending far too much time on the computer and have a huge list of things I need/want to do - sewing, papercrafting, needlefelting, knitting etc. Once I've caught up with all the blogging I've missed whilst away I will be trying to limit the time I'm 'wasting' on the internet. Not sure how successful I'll be though !

Julie said...

RRH is looking lovely. Good luck with your plans for April. It's so easy to loose and hour or two or three sitting in front of the screen browsing.