Sunday, 10 March 2013

Weekly progress report

Since the 1st March and up until yesterday I have managed to work on something different every day. 
DSCF19441st and 8th March  – Stocking SAL – here is a photo of this weeks progress on the stocking SAL.  I have at last started work on Santa and I love every minute working on this one and hate it when I have to put it down at the end of Friday’s stitching.

2nd March -Saturday I spent quite a bit of time working on the Easter project which can't be shown until Good Friday.  I loved working on this and will share where the inspiration came from then.

3rd March - Sunday was spent working on just a small project - a button with a key design which was completed within less than half an hour.

DSCF19464th March - Monday - I made a new start and started working on Red Riding Hood and have made steady progress on this throughout the week.  I was able to grab an hours worth of stitching on several days before having to go into work.  This is another one I thoroughly enjoy working.

5th March - Tuesday I spent some time working on Yiota's landscape cross stitch - not enough progress on this one as I would have liked so I haven't taken an updated photo of this one.

6th March - Wednesday saw me working on the Fisherman's Lodge and I was glad to get the roof completed and some of it outlined.  It means I can now start working on the trees behind the lodge and the flowers in front of it.

DSCF19437th March - Thursday - I needed something simple to work on as time was very limited due to a late night working and so I picked up on of the Prairie Schooler Red Santa's and had set myself the target of getting to his shoulders.  I exceeded that and got his head, crook and sack stitched.  Unfortunately my eyes could not stay open long enough to complete the tree that needed to go in the sack and the little bit of border.  May just get that finished during the week.

8th March - as well as working on the stocking SAL I wanted to start that I thought would be quick and could be used as a gift.  Who'd have though that stitching such a small piece of honeycomb would prove so frustrating.  I had a visit from a family of frogs and kept miscounting - I think I'd have got it done if it hadn't been for those pesky frogs!

Yesterday I didn't get chance to stitch on anything as I was visited by DD and GC so got to play with them most of the afternoon and then in the evening we had to make a visit to the out of hours Dr's as Savannah wasn't very well.  It would seem the poor little girl has an ear infection as both of her ears were inflammed.  As usual they couldn't say whether it was bacterial or viral but because it was both ears they prescribed her some antibiotics.  Hopefully it won't take long for them to start working and she will be back to full health again.

Today is Mother's Day and we have been round and seen both of our Mother's and we have also been out to visit DS1 and collected my card from him.  It was lovely to see and play with our other two grandchildren although Elisha has an eye infection - bless her. 

DSCF1947As I didn't work on anything yesterday I thought I would try and make a little bit of progress on a couple of WIP's this evening.  They are both WIP's that I inherited and had very little done on them so in a way they are a bit like new starts for me.  First up is a picture of the Lion Family and I think all that was done was a tiny bit of one of the lions.  I have to say I am looking forward to working on this one as I think it is a fantastic picture.

DSCF1949The next one is one that DS1 started when he was about 10 - bearing in mind he is now in his mid twenties it shows how long this one has been sitting around in my cross stitch stash storage area!  Again very little was done to this one - he always had a very poor attention span.  It was also on quite a fine evenweave so probably not the best one for him to have been working, combined with the fact that it also has half and three quarter stitches it's no wonder he lost interest so very, very quickly.  This is one that once completed will be framed and given to him as a gift to see if he remembers it from his childhood.

Next week is set to be quite busy in the evenings so I think there could be a lot of very simple projects to be worked on so that I can still work on something new every day.  Well a very lengthy post and for those of you that read to the bottom I thank you very much and hope it has been of some interest to you.

I hope you've had a lovely weekend and those that are Mother's have had a wonderful Mother's Day.


Jill said...

Oh my goodness Linda, how many projects have you got going on!!!! Glad to hear you are making progress though!

Jill x

Karen K said...

Hi Linda

Well big congratulations to you on all your work - it will be amazing when these projects start to come to an end for you and you can tick them off the list. I feel worn out just thinking about them all. I worked mainly on my quilt but during rest times I did some of my cross stitch which is starting to grow a little - they only grow if you work on them funnily enough. I will show a picture maybe next weekend when you can really see some progress.

k xxx

Julie said...

Such great progress, santas stocking is looking stunning.

I hope both of your grandchildren are soon feeling much better.

catherine said...

You are doing so well with your stitching progress Linda . Looks great and all coming along. I will try and find the time I promise and join you soon
x catherine

cucki said...

hello dear its me cucki from south africa..thank you so much for following my humble blog..
your stitching is so pretty..
love and hugs xx

Mrs A. said...

Can't take it all in. You have so many projects you are working on all at the same time. Love that little cottage sounds like it will be pretty with the trees and flowers added. The fisherman looks very intricate. looking forward to seeing some more of that one too.
Hugs Mrs A.