Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Under the stitching spotlight tonight is….

DSCF1915 ....the Yiota's landscape cross stitch picture. The photo prompt for today is UNDER and so I used this to capture that word. This will be the 5th project I will have worked on this month for the Theme-a-licious and it just happened to be the one nearest to me at the time.  I'm at the point of filling all the floral confetti outside the window panes and once I've finished the section on the left hand side it will be at the halfway point.

 I'm not sure how much of this I will get done this evening as my stitching time has been delayed by a much welcome visit from DD and GC - always a pleasure as they are such great entertainment.  I introduced Logan to fresh pineapple this evening and after the initial screwing up of his face I think due to the different texture of the fruit he wolfed it down. 

DSCF1917Speaking of wolves I managed to get quite a bit of the big bad wolf done yesterday evening and a little bit this morning.  There's only a small section of him left to do and then I will move onto Little Red Riding Hood.

I've been dosing myself up with decongestants and am gradually starting to feel much better.  Tomorrow is my day off so I plan to have just a really easy day - I might even treat myself to a lie in for a change!


Jill said...

Hope you feel better soon Linda. Jill x

Karen K said...

Wow, it's coming on isn't and love your wolf!

Hope you manage to have a restful day today on your day off. Get well soon

love K x

Julie said...

I hope you are getting lots of rest today Linda on your day off.
{get well soon hug}

Thanks for the info on the fabric in the red riding hood piece.

Suzanne said...

Hi Linda, Happy you're starting to feel better. Love both your projects, you clearly have a lot more patience than me! XX