Sunday, 31 March 2013

On a larger scale

DSCF1979 My MIL and my mother don't really like chocolate and my dad is diabetic so rather than giving them chocolate for Easter I decided to get them some flowers to plant in their gardens.  Now rather than just giving them in the box they came in from the shops I thought I'd see how big a basket I could make by doubling the measurements for the Easter baskets I made earlier in the week.  They turned out to be the perfect size.  The flowers are Peacock Orchids and should flower from June to July and hopefully brighten up a small part of their gardens each year.

Yesterday Colette and Tim held an Easter party for the grandchildren and their young friends.  It was a fun day as they put on their bunny masks and went on an Easter egg hunt - even the adults joined in!  They also had a large egg which we all took turns at trying break to release even more Easter sweet treats and for the adults they did a quiz.  I won and came away with my own Easter egg!  The weather although cold was sunny and so it proved to be a very successful party.

Today the sun has decided not to come out but it has at least been dry so we have managed to cut the lawn and do some weeding.  There is still some more to do which hopefully we can do when I get home from work tomorrow.  Our garden needs a lot of work doing to it really but neither of us are really keen gardeners so at the moment our objective is just to keep it tidy looking throughout the year - not an easy task as we are both easily distracted with other interests.


Kate said...

Your Easter basket is lovely and such a nice way to present a gift of flowers to plant. :)

cucki said...

Happy Easter x

Julie said...

Easter Blessings to you and the family Linda.
What a wonderful time you must have all had.

catherine said...

That is such a great idea for the plants Linda and looks great. Party looks to have been fun. Glad the children enjoyed themselves
x catherine