Friday, 1 March 2013

L is for....

DSCF1898 The first photo prompt for March was L is for and there was an abundance of L's for me to use today.  We picked Colette, Logan and Savannah and drove to Liskeard and met Grandad there.  We then walked from one platform to another to catch the train to Looe and enjoyed a lovely hour playing on the beach.

DSCF1901It would seem that we were the only ones mad enough to go on the beach today but we had wrapped up warm and went prepared with our bucket and spade so that we could make a sandcastle.  We managed to pick a spot which wasn't too wet and Logan and myself enjoyed digging in the sand and hunting for pebbles and shells to try and decorate the sandcastle that we made.

Grandad enjoyed a walk along the beach while Colette and Savannah snuggled in a corner to keep out of the wind.  Logan didn't want to leave the beach but we managed to persuade him to come off by looking for puddles of water to splash in as we both had our boots on.  We then went for something to eat and it had to be a traditional fish and chips meal which we ate indoors. It was far to cold to sit outside and eat, besides which there were far too many seagulls around which might have tried their luck and snatched a chip from our hands.  A thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours was had by all.

DSCF1904Yesterday while in WH Smiths I saw this magazine which had some 'free' stamps with it - as if I need anymore stamps.  I was attracted by the cute fox (which is bigger than the SU one I have) and the word block.  There were quite a few nice ideas in the magazine and who knows I might even get time over the weekend to play with them and make a card or two.


Saxo Stamper said...

What a lovely post today Linda, sounds so much fun k x x

Jill said...

Sounds as if you had a good day!

Jill x

Mrs A. said...

Is this a new magazine as I have not seen it before. You were very brave to be on the beach but iot looks like you had fun making the sand castle. Sweet Cheeks doesn't mind what weather he is out in either and would have loved being on the beach with you. Hugs Mrs A.

Julie said...

Such a lovely read, I could almost taste those seaside fish and chips, not the same when you get them from the chippy at home!