Saturday, 2 March 2013

I made this

DSCF1905I made this much progress on the Christmas stocking SAL and am using this photo as a very tenuous link to the photo prompt.  It's coming along really nicely and I am now working my way up from the centre point to the top of the stocking.  A little bit of Santa is there although it is only the start of one of his mittens, hopefully next week he will make a full appearance.  I'm off now to check on my fellower stitchers progress - there is a list of the people who are now taking part in the side bar to the right of this post.  If anyone else would like to join in then please feel free to e-mail me for details - the more the merrier.

Unfortunately I haven't had much energy today as I've finally succumbed to a cold so other than enjoying the company of our grandchildren again I've done very little else.  SIL came down to plaster one of the bedroom walls which will mean DS2 can finish the decorating.  Once he's done that we can order the carpet and the bedroom will be complete.  All of the craft stash that was in the bedroom is now on the landing - where exactly I am going to fit it all I'm not sure as I am determined it's not going back in the bedroom.  I'm hoping to get a cupboard unit to go in the bedroom which I will put all my scrapbook albums, but apart from those nothing else is allowed.  By moving them it will free up some cupboard space in the living room which will mean I can put the glasses and few alcoholic beverages we do have back in there and so free up a couple of cupboards in the kitchen where some of the overflow of craft stash will be relocated.  Anything that I can't find a home for and really don't use I think will finally be put on E-Bay and maybe go to a good home.

I'm hoping to finish the Easter project this evening as there is only a small amount left to stitch which will then give me tomorrow to make it up into the finished project.

Theme-a-licious this month is

March Madness
Work on something different every's madness...of the funnest possible kind.
Now I have lots of WIP's which I am going to try and get a few stitches in on which should take up about a third of the month, the rest of the month I will try and pick small projects in the hope that I can finish them in an evening.  I do also have a couple of projects that I might just start as well - I know very naughty but variety is the spice of life!


Jill said...

Hope you feel better soon Linda. Jill x

Emma/Itzy said...

your stocking is looking great! Have fun in the March Madness - I'm not sure I could cope!

Anne said...

Sorry to read you are unwell. Hope you will soon be better. Anne x

Julie said...

WOW!! Super progress on the stocking.

{{Get well soon}}