Thursday, 7 March 2013


DSCF1927 FEAR is the photo prompt for today.  I have to confess that I have a FEAR of being in pitch black darkness.  I'm okay when it's dark and there are street lights on, in the movies, etc but when there is no light anywhere I get a little bit scared.  Many years ago DH and I were Cub Scout leaders and we used to take them camping out on the moors to a site the Scout group rented.  At the camp site itself we used to have a large marquee which was alway lit up during the night so the campsite was fine for me.  However we used to take the Cubs for a walk along the old railway line and through what was known affectionately as Basil's Tunnel - the story being that Basil's head got taken off when he had put his head outside of the train window.  A simple ghost story for the Cubs which they loved having told to them.  Now the tunnel is long enough that even when you enter the tunnel while it is still daylight by the time you approach the middle of the tunnel you are plunged into complete darkness.  Obvioulsy when we did this trip I had to pretend to the Cub's that I wasn't scared and as a leader I couldn't get out of it. So every year for about 5 years I had to put on a brave face and walk through this tunnel and enter this period of pitch black darkness twice - through the tunnel one way and then through it again to get back to the campsite.  Now many years on this tunnel has lighting as it is a well used cycle and walking route - typical!   I haven't been through that tunnel in over 15 years so maybe it would be okay to do so again.

DSCF1929Last night I managed to get the roof and some of the backstitch completed on the fishermans lodge - not as much as I had hoped, but any stitches completed is a good thing.  It's almost 9.30pm and I have only recently got in from work so there won't be a lot of stitching done tonight so I have tried to pick something simple to work on for an hour.  I'm going to carry on with one of the Prairie Schooler Redwork Santas - this is the third one I will have stitched.  One of them I did actually get made up into an ornament and put on my Christmas tree last year.  I am hoping that this year he will have a few more friends to join him.  I have one that needs to be finished off into an ornament and I am probably about halfway with this one - if I can get to his shoulders tonight I will be happy.


Jill said...

Have to say I hate it when its pitch black as well! Cross stitches are coming on well, I shall look forward to seeing that one finished. Jill x

My name is Wynneth said...

I understand how you feel in the pitch dark linda - I feel the same ! Maybe it's because we don't have a point of reference so feel helpless and out of control ?

Well done on get on with your red work Christmas ornaments nice and early.


Julie said...

Time to retrace your steps and walk throught the tunnel again especially now there are lights in there. I bet it looks totally different to when you were in there with the cubs.

As parents we often have to hold down a fear and be brave, dentist for me with the kids, i was a quivering wreck and was so smiley and brave for the kids when we went as a family....not so now i go with just hubby lol

Karen K said...

Hi Linda

Oh bless, staying at our house must freak you a bit with it being pitch black ! I didn't realise you were afraid of the dark. I would love to go through that tunnel sometime when we are down your way.

Nice stitching.

k x