Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Clean and simple

DSCF1957 This is the simple 8 x 8 LO I completed on Saturday - this time the photos are of our other grandaughter Savannah.  These were taken when she had just started smiling and chuckling at everyone.  A few months have passed since these were taken and she is now sitting up on her own and still smiling at everyone.  Her favourite activity at the moment is bouncing and DD and SIL have bought her one of the bouncers that hang from the door frame and she absolutely loves it.  Logan pushes her from time to time so it's a bit like a swing at times too.

Off out this evening to enjoy some crafting fun with friends - the object of tonight is for me to make 16 mini Easter baskets for the people I work with every day - have made one already and they are very simple so I should get them all done in time!


Anne said...

Oh what a cutie and a lovely page. Hope we can see the baskets you have made. I've made a couple as ideas for my class tomorrow - well if it happens - weather may put folk off. Anne x

Karen K said...

gorgeous layout Linda and lovely photos of Savannah

K x

cucki said...

So sweet x

Julie said...

Savannah looks gorgeous, they grow so quickly and learn to much in the first year.