Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WOYWW #194

DSCF1833 Another week gone by and another Wednesday to share in What's On Your Workdesk Wesdneday fun - more details can be found on Julia's blog.  I am sharing the fabrics that I have chosen for the second of the Sugar Blocks.  I've been putting this block off for a while, not sure why but I need to get it done as I'm supposed to be putting the completed block on my blog on the last Friday of each month.  I've printed off the templates required for the paper piecing and the instructions which I think I will need to read through more than once to make sure I get it right so hopefully before I go out this evening I will have made a start on it.  In the corner you can just see part of last months block and I thought I would carry over one of the fabrics from the previous block so this time I've chosen the pale spotted fabric in the very corners of the first block.  I'm going to match this up with the darker floral/vine fabric.  Fingers crossed the combination will look ok.

DSCF1805Carrying on with the photo prompts - Saturday's prompt was PERFECT.  Well Saturday was a perfect day spent with like minded friends on a sunny day at the Crocadon.  While we were there a man had three of his birds of prey that he uses for falconry and they were PERFECT examples of birds designed for hunting.  I can't remember the proper name of this bird but he looked very handsome sat on his wooden block for everyone to see.  The other two birds were just as beautiful but I couldn't get a good enough photo of them to show partly because there were other people around and partly (and I'm not complaining) but the sun was shining so brightly on that day.

DSCF1837Sunday's prompt was IN YOUR HAND.  While at the Crocadon I bought some lovely Lavender and Hemp balm for my hands.  In the winter I suffer with very dry fingers and the skin can get quite rough which can be very frustrating when sewing or knitting as it catches and pulls the threads.  The number of times I have had to re-thread a needle because of this is far too many to count.  The balm not only smells gorgeous it is doing a first class job of keeping my fingers nice and smooth which means a few more stitches are getting put into my needlework every day.  When I first started using it I thought it would be greasy but it's not and I am so impressed with it I have decided to order some of their handmade soaps to see if that will also help.


Heather Alger said...

Great photos :0)
I love photography too.
must find out more about the hemp balm looks a good product x
Happy WOYWW Heather # 72

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain - my hands are so dry sometimes, that sounds like just the thing. The bird is REAL? I saw the block and thought it had to be a carving :) He is majestic, fer sure.


MA (16)

Queenie Jeannie said...

I've been using an olive oil hand cream I bought in Italy and while it doesn't smell fabulous, really works, lol! Good for you finding a better smelling one!

Laura said...

I know there was craft at the beginning but honestly I saw the bird and forgot what it was! Wow, what a stuner!
Happy WOYWW, have a super week,
Laura 146

Darnell J Knauss said...

Great post, Linda! That hawk is majestic; I love them all and am jealous that you have a place to see them up close and personal like that.

And I'm jealous of the balm. I get very dry fingers in the winter, too, with thumb pads that split. Very difficult to wrap and keep covered, and when covered, hard to craft. Yes, I'm whining and rightly so. I can't read the label, but I'll do a search for that balm in the states.

Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for all your visits to my place and your sweet comments! Darnell #48

Anne said...

Liking the fabrics you have chosen. Wish I was a bit more adept at quilt making. It seems to be taking me ages just to prepare pieces to use. Have sewn the first 3 together today ( they are quite big pieces but decided I'm more likely to get one finished doing it this way.
The balm for your hands sounds lovely. Mine get very sore etc in winter and it is annoying when you are sewing, knitting etc.
Happy WOYWW Anne x #99

Suzanne said...

Great post Linda, I love anything lavender scented. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilt block. XX

catherine said...

Hope you manage time to start your new sewing block Linda. Great photo prompts. My hands suffer the same and catches and was interested in reading about the cream
x catherine

Julie said...

A day out in the sunshine, nothing better. Your feathered friend looks like he was enjoying it too.

Lavendar is such a lovely smell, handcream is a must this time of the year, my latest one is raspberry and nutmeg, smells devine.

Karen K said...

Lovely material, can't wait to see your block, I need to get on with mine, I have not started yet either !

Lovely bird - just so majestic.

Glad you have found something for your hands, nothing worse than having chaps on them when you are trying to craft.

love K x

April Story said...

I have the same problem in the winter. I wish I could find something on this side of the pond that works like what you found. :-)
April #130