Saturday, 23 February 2013

Winter Fairy

DSCF1841 I am feeling really pleased with myself today as I have put the final stitches into the Winter Fairy which I have been working on this month for Theme-a-licious.  It also means that I have completed another of my outstanding WIP's and this is my second finish for the year.  Winter Fairy is one of four designs to make up a set of seasonal fairys, Spring and Summer are already on my stair walls.  I'm not sure when the Autumn Fairy will get started as I am determined to complete some more of my long outstanding WIP's first.

DSCF1839I'm still catching up with the photo prompts and today I am sharing Monday and Tuesday's photos today.  Monday was to take a photo of SOMETHING YOU DON'T LIKE and the one thing I don't like doing every week is the ironing.  I don't mind ironing pretty fabrics ready to be cut or pressed into finished articles but I hate clothes ironing - a never  ending mindless weekly task!  Max doesn't like me doing the ironing either as he always barks at the ironing board when I'm either putting it up or down.

DSCF1838Tuesdays prompt was I AM..... and it took me quite a while to think of what to use for this prompt.  In the end I decided to take a photo of one of the many cupboards that store my craft stash which shows that I AM getting closer to having everything in a more organised state.  This will hopefully in turn mean that crafting time won't be spent looking for things and wasting valuable time.

I'm behind with the Sugar Block this month - I had hoped to get it completed by the last Friday of the month but it wasn't to be - mainly because I have been determined to finish the Winter Fairy this month.  I have cut out the templates and all the pieces of material required for it so I hope to get it stitched up tomorrow.  Fortunately for me both Karen and Wynneth are also behind - I think we all got caught out with February being such a short month!


Jill said...

Busy as always Linda! inter Fairy is looking so perfect and I shall look forward to your quilting block! Jill x

Jay said...

I like the winter fairy, she is lovely, hopefully you will show me the other two you have finished. Keep up the good work. Ironing Ugh! & such a tidy cupboard. 3 stars awarded ***

Emma/Itzy said...

Well done on your stitchy finish!

I hate ironing much so if I think I can get away with not doing it then I won't!

Julie said...

Winter Fairy looks wonderful, a really super finish.

Our cat hates the ironing board, he always hides when i get that out.

catherine said...

Great progress on your WIP sewing project. it looks great.
x catherine