Saturday, 16 February 2013

Stocking SAL

DSCF1811 Yesterday I managed to get an hours worth of stitching completed before going into work which was a good start to the day.  I was then able to spend another three hours stitching in the evening.  Here is the updated photo of the stocking - three sessions on this now and I'm really pleased with my progress.  Santa's sledge is almost complete and I think next week may see Santa making an appearance.  I was happy 'virtually' stitching together with my stocking SAL companions Julie and Catherine so will look forward to see how they got on with their stockings this week.

Today I have been to the Crocadon Producer Fayre where I bought some lovely gooseberry and coriander chutney (from Hogs Bottom Garden Delights), smoked haddock and bacon fishcake, sea bass and ginger fishcakes, two mini lemon iced ginger loaf cakes, lavender and hemp hand cream (from The Little Cornish Soap Company) and a chicken printed canvas tote.  The alapca lady wasn't there this time so no more wool was bought - maybe next month.  I went with my friends Jacqueline, Wynneth and Lisa and later Allie and her sister joined us and we called in the little cafe they have there for coffee and cakes. 

Last Monday's photo prompt was ENTRANCE and I took this photo while on a walk with Max around our local area.  This used to be part of Budshead Manor but there is very little apart from three manor entrances and the foundations of a barn there now.  Just behind this entrance is where the local Scout Hut building is where we once used to be Cub Scout leaders when are children were so much younger.  On the little patch of grass you can see is where we used to hold the Beaver camps - they had to have a parent camp with them because of their age and we did enjoy our time in the Scout movement.  Looking back all those years ago I wonder how we fitted it all in as we both worked full time and the children were always involved with different activities but I guess you just do manage to find the time.  With the children now grown up my time is just filled with other activities instead.


Saxo Stamper said...

What a lovely post Linda, stitching coming on lovely.


Julie said...

Wow! Your stocking progressing beautifully Linda, must take pic of mine this week.

Anne said...

Hi Linda your stitching is looking good, can't wait to see Santa :-) Your purchases today sound yummy - well not the tote!!!!
Scout movement is wonderful. Well done to you and DH for your involvement. Both my sons were Beavers, cubs, scouts, venture Scouts and Chief Scouts. They had a great time. My eldest GS is a Beaver and just loves it. When they moved house last August he joined a new group straightaway, knew no one and went to camp. I was so proud of him.
Anne x

My name is Wynneth said...

We did all have a lovely time at Crocadon today didn't we. Thanks again to Lisa for driving us there. I haven't sampled my gooseberry and coriander chutney or my cherry and kirsch jam yet, but looking forward to eating the pate tomorrow.

Love that pic of the archway, and thanks for sharing your wonderful memories of being with the Sout Movement. It is amazing how much we can fit into our time when we have to isn't it.

Well done on getting so much stitching time in. I looked again at the paper piecing video, might bite the bullet tomorrow and have a go at the Feb BoM !


catherine said...

Great stitching progress Linda. I am slowly catching up with myself and shall be hoping to start next week- fingers crossed!!!
Great photos for the prompts too
x catherine

sandee said...

I LOVE stone entrances like that, and bridges too. They just don't make things like that anymore, so glad it's still standing! waving hi from the snow's already melted hills of North Carolina ♥