Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sneak Peak

DSCF1874 Jo from Serendiptitous Stitching is hosting a Easter Treasure Hunt blog for Easter Sunday and I have signed up to join in with the fun.  More details can be found on her blog.  I have made a start on my project to add to my blog on Easter Sunday using up some of the scrap linen leftover from the Fat Man stitching so here is a sneak peak.  The finished article will make a useful item which will of course be revealed on the day of the treasure hunt.

DS2 and his girlfriend were putting up the wallpaper in his bedroom last night and a pretty good job they have made of it too.  The bed sofa has arrived today, unfortunately before we had time to get the carpet fitted and all of the decorating complete but that won't be much longer.  I'll take a photo of the finished room when everything is where it should be.  I have the task of getting the craft shelves taken down so he can finish decorating this weekend.  It's going to make the landing a bit clutteerd but it will be worth it in the end - or so I keep telling myself.

Saturday's photo prompt was A WORD and I have taken the word FIRST which was on one of the old train carriages at the South Devon Railway.   Early Saturday evening we had tickets to travel on the Buckfastleigh line on a visiting steam rail motor - these were tickets given to the volunteers of the SDR of which DH is.  As it was early evening the light wasn't that great to take a photo of the Steam Railmotor No 93 which belongs to the Great Western Society which is usually based at Didcot.  We were given a talk about the history of this unit which is basically the equivalent of our multiple train units that run along many of the remaining branch lines and some longer routes too.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip through time and you can read a little more about it by following the above link if you want to.

DSCF1859Apparently it was considered a failure as it had to be replaced due to the increase in passenger useage, whereas in fact because it was so popular for travellers it had to be superceded by other forms of rail transport. So in actual fact it was a victim of it's own success.  I wonder if that can be said of today's rail transport system?!

DSCF1860Sunday's photo prompt was CLOUD and luckily the weather played along and provided me with some clouds to take photos of.  This particular cloud was floating overhead where our eldest son has moved to - I have no idea what sort of cloud it is other than it looks nice and fluffy and lovely to see a nice blue sky inbetween the clouds.

DSCF1873Monday's prompt was ON YOUR BEDSIDE TABLE.  On my bedside table which is actually a set of bedside drawers I have a pile of books one of which my brother bought me to try and trace our family tree - I have read some of it but not got that far with it - another project to do at some stage.  I have a couple of classic books there to read one of which I have read several times and belongs to my mum - Anne of Green Gables which was a Sunday school prize of hers.  My mum also has the rest of the series which I have yet to read.  Another classic is Lorna Doone which belongs to a friend of mine who has emigrated to New Zealand and one day I hope to return it to her in person!  There are a couple of books belonging to youngest son which he read when he was a teenager and I still haven't got round to reading yet.  A book on our Queens Elizabeth 1 and Mary, part read, the Quilter's Apprentice which was recommended to me by my friend Jill and a book of phrases and quotes I picked up at a book sale which I thought might prove useful in my crafting.  Also on the table is my watch which I never wear, a Celtic Cross and my drinks coaster.

Hoping to get my card done for the 4 Crafty Chicks challenge tonight and maybe some more of my Easter mini project.  Have a great day/evening.


Saxo Stamper said...

Ooh wonder what it's going to be..... Lovely photos again k x

catherine said...

Wondering what your stitching is going to be Linda. sounds interesting. I just haven't had any time to spare at the moment. Great photos for the prompts too
x catherine

Julie said...

What a fabulous Saturday evening outing, how exciting.