Thursday, 7 February 2013

Oops I forgot

DSCF1771to take part in yesterdays WOYWW and the photo prompt.  I did actually take a photo of my desk but it looks totally different again today so I'll wait until next week to join in with the fun of that again.  I can show you the shelves I've been tidying up in the upstairs bedroom which will now be DS2's bedroom - I've managed to keep my overflow of stash up here without too many grumbles from the menfolk!  In the 12 x 12 boxes are most of the wooden SU stamps, there are some in the baskets in the top too but they are large background and alphabet stamps that I didn't want to separate.  In the other boxes and tins are ribbons, ink pads, adhesives, cards, envelopes, marker pens, washi tape and Unity stamps.  I've also got my Copics and two clocks on the bottom shelf. Don't know why there are two clocks, but it's probably because I no longer use the small travel clock to wake me up and I was never able to have it in the bedroom as the ticking used to keep me awake.  The other one didn't always keep time properly.

DSCF1774It's worrying as although it's all neat and tidy now it will all have to come out when we start decorating the room - at least with this photo I will know how to put it all back together again.

The photo prompt for yesterday was SOFT - while I was out walking with Max I took a photo of one of the boats that are kept down the creek which at this time was wedged on the soft mud banks as the tide was out.  The route we walk was also pretty soft underfoot with all the rain we have had too.

Tomorrow will be spent sorting out the downstairs stash and trying to make the cupboards look more presentable!


Jill said...

It's all looking very neat and tidy at the moment! Jill x

Julie said...

You should never show a crafter a picture like that, they are just itching to rummage around on those boxes and see whats inside.

Anne said...

It all looks very well organised - how long for though? Anne x