Thursday, 28 February 2013

Final 3 for February

 This post will bring me up to date with the February photo prompts - I'm hoping that I will be far better in March.  Tuesday's prompt was QUIET - we went for a walk along The Barbican and Plymouth Hoe this week and we were amazed at how quiet it was - no traffic, the sea very calm and very few people milling around.  The photo was taken as we sat quietly on Plymouth Hoe staring out to sea but in the foreground is one of the Eddystone Lighthouses.  This is part of the third lighthouse built and also known as Smeaton's Tower.  The first two were destroyed and the top part of the third is the section that can be found on The Hoe.  The fourth lighthouse is situated on the Eddystone Rocks out in the sea which can also be seen from our viewpoint

DSCF1876Yesterdays photo prompt was PLAYING and I treated myself to the Josh Groban CD while out shopping with mum yesterday.  For weeks I have heard his single Brave being played on the radio which I really like at the moment so I took the chance that I would like the other songs on the CD.  Thankfully it proved to be a good choice for my ecclectic taste in music.  I actually had no idea before buying the CD who Josh Groban was!

DSCF1880Today's photo prompt is UPSIDE DOWN.  Now I had no idea if it meant taking a photo of something that was upside down or whether you had to be upside down while taking the photo.  For reasons of safety I opted for a far easier and hopefully much tastier option and decided to make us a pineapple upside down cake for pudding this evening.  We don't normally have dessert so this was made especially to fit the prompt - no doubt Jill will be laughing at me for that!  DH is at the moment making some custard to go on top of this - I'm drooling already.

My mystery Easter project for Jo's blog hop is coming along nicely and I am hoping that I will have the stitching part of it completed by the end of the weekend - maybe even made up into the finished article if I really persevere with it.

Tomorrow we are hoping the weather will at least be dry as the plan is to take Colette, Logan and Savannah to Looe, have a play on the beach with Logan, enjoy a nice walk with Savannah and finish off with a late lunch before heading back home - fingers crossed.


My name is Wynneth said...

Lovely pix Linda, that upsidedown pudding looks totally yummy !

Sorry I didn't make it to Moya's, still not feeling too well after picking up these nasty germies, but am feeling better than I did yesterday, so hopefully I'm on the mend.

Might even have a go at the Feb BOM tomorrow ! Only one day late in getting it done in the right month.


Julie said...

Oh yummy yum yum, one of my favourite puddings. I have no idea about josh either, will have to google and listen to rectify that lol.

Hapoy stocking stitching this evening.

Karen K said...

Oh my favourite....lighthouses....lovely cake too. Have a great weekend Love K x

Mrs A. said...

Josh Grobam? Have all of his CD's. I love his voice even when he is singing in a different language. his new one is on my March list of must haves along with The Louis Lester Band. hugs Mrs A.