Sunday, 3 February 2013

Dig those weeds

 Yesterday was a very enjoyable day as it was spent with four crafting friends at my house.  Moya taught us all how to make a thread catcher - will post a photo of that later in the week.  It's a project that took some time as it was all hand stitched.  We also stopped for lunch - I'd made two different soups, Broccoli and Stilton and Leek and Potato with freshly made bread rolls (made with the use of our bread maker).  Wynneth showed me how to do felting - I do not need to have any new crafts LOL!  We also enjoyed Jam Muffins and Lemon sponge cake with our tea breaks which I had also made - yum, yum even if I say so myself.

DSCF1219The February photo prompts are out so I'm going to try and keep going with them.  Fridays prompt was FORK.  We have a front and a back garden, neither of us are keen gardeners so they are often shamefully neglected by us.  But I was determined that over the weekend I would pull out the few weeds that had come up in the front garden so that we and passersby could benefit from the Spring flowers that have started shooting up in the small borders we have.  So I took a photo of my little border fork against some of the soon to be pretty flowers.  Sadly the back garden has still been neglected this weekend but not many people can see that so I think I can live with it looking a little unruly for a while longer.

Movement of furniture has been taking place today - DS2 has now moved into the back bedroom and DH's train LO has moved into the smaller front bedroom.  Still lots to sort out with regards to my play stash but hoping I might get away with staying in the alcove of the back bedroom if I can sort out something for DS2's TV to go on - thus avoiding having to move too much more at this moment in time.


Anne said...

Oh I feel quite hungry now Linda after reading about soup and cake :-) sound delish. Also sounds as though you had a lovely time with friends. We had a lovely time today with my son, his wife and my granddaughters. Anne x

Julie said...

It's always nice to have quality time with crafting friends I bought a crafting kit ages ago, its sitting in a cupboard lol