Thursday, 28 February 2013

Final 3 for February

 This post will bring me up to date with the February photo prompts - I'm hoping that I will be far better in March.  Tuesday's prompt was QUIET - we went for a walk along The Barbican and Plymouth Hoe this week and we were amazed at how quiet it was - no traffic, the sea very calm and very few people milling around.  The photo was taken as we sat quietly on Plymouth Hoe staring out to sea but in the foreground is one of the Eddystone Lighthouses.  This is part of the third lighthouse built and also known as Smeaton's Tower.  The first two were destroyed and the top part of the third is the section that can be found on The Hoe.  The fourth lighthouse is situated on the Eddystone Rocks out in the sea which can also be seen from our viewpoint

DSCF1876Yesterdays photo prompt was PLAYING and I treated myself to the Josh Groban CD while out shopping with mum yesterday.  For weeks I have heard his single Brave being played on the radio which I really like at the moment so I took the chance that I would like the other songs on the CD.  Thankfully it proved to be a good choice for my ecclectic taste in music.  I actually had no idea before buying the CD who Josh Groban was!

DSCF1880Today's photo prompt is UPSIDE DOWN.  Now I had no idea if it meant taking a photo of something that was upside down or whether you had to be upside down while taking the photo.  For reasons of safety I opted for a far easier and hopefully much tastier option and decided to make us a pineapple upside down cake for pudding this evening.  We don't normally have dessert so this was made especially to fit the prompt - no doubt Jill will be laughing at me for that!  DH is at the moment making some custard to go on top of this - I'm drooling already.

My mystery Easter project for Jo's blog hop is coming along nicely and I am hoping that I will have the stitching part of it completed by the end of the weekend - maybe even made up into the finished article if I really persevere with it.

Tomorrow we are hoping the weather will at least be dry as the plan is to take Colette, Logan and Savannah to Looe, have a play on the beach with Logan, enjoy a nice walk with Savannah and finish off with a late lunch before heading back home - fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sneak Peak

DSCF1874 Jo from Serendiptitous Stitching is hosting a Easter Treasure Hunt blog for Easter Sunday and I have signed up to join in with the fun.  More details can be found on her blog.  I have made a start on my project to add to my blog on Easter Sunday using up some of the scrap linen leftover from the Fat Man stitching so here is a sneak peak.  The finished article will make a useful item which will of course be revealed on the day of the treasure hunt.

DS2 and his girlfriend were putting up the wallpaper in his bedroom last night and a pretty good job they have made of it too.  The bed sofa has arrived today, unfortunately before we had time to get the carpet fitted and all of the decorating complete but that won't be much longer.  I'll take a photo of the finished room when everything is where it should be.  I have the task of getting the craft shelves taken down so he can finish decorating this weekend.  It's going to make the landing a bit clutteerd but it will be worth it in the end - or so I keep telling myself.

Saturday's photo prompt was A WORD and I have taken the word FIRST which was on one of the old train carriages at the South Devon Railway.   Early Saturday evening we had tickets to travel on the Buckfastleigh line on a visiting steam rail motor - these were tickets given to the volunteers of the SDR of which DH is.  As it was early evening the light wasn't that great to take a photo of the Steam Railmotor No 93 which belongs to the Great Western Society which is usually based at Didcot.  We were given a talk about the history of this unit which is basically the equivalent of our multiple train units that run along many of the remaining branch lines and some longer routes too.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip through time and you can read a little more about it by following the above link if you want to.

DSCF1859Apparently it was considered a failure as it had to be replaced due to the increase in passenger useage, whereas in fact because it was so popular for travellers it had to be superceded by other forms of rail transport. So in actual fact it was a victim of it's own success.  I wonder if that can be said of today's rail transport system?!

DSCF1860Sunday's photo prompt was CLOUD and luckily the weather played along and provided me with some clouds to take photos of.  This particular cloud was floating overhead where our eldest son has moved to - I have no idea what sort of cloud it is other than it looks nice and fluffy and lovely to see a nice blue sky inbetween the clouds.

DSCF1873Monday's prompt was ON YOUR BEDSIDE TABLE.  On my bedside table which is actually a set of bedside drawers I have a pile of books one of which my brother bought me to try and trace our family tree - I have read some of it but not got that far with it - another project to do at some stage.  I have a couple of classic books there to read one of which I have read several times and belongs to my mum - Anne of Green Gables which was a Sunday school prize of hers.  My mum also has the rest of the series which I have yet to read.  Another classic is Lorna Doone which belongs to a friend of mine who has emigrated to New Zealand and one day I hope to return it to her in person!  There are a couple of books belonging to youngest son which he read when he was a teenager and I still haven't got round to reading yet.  A book on our Queens Elizabeth 1 and Mary, part read, the Quilter's Apprentice which was recommended to me by my friend Jill and a book of phrases and quotes I picked up at a book sale which I thought might prove useful in my crafting.  Also on the table is my watch which I never wear, a Celtic Cross and my drinks coaster.

Hoping to get my card done for the 4 Crafty Chicks challenge tonight and maybe some more of my Easter mini project.  Have a great day/evening.

Monday, 25 February 2013

February Sugar Block

DSCF1870 I finally managed to complete the February Sugar Block for this month.  It involved foundation paper piecing which as I haven't completed all of the 2012 Craftsy BOM's I haven't done before.  It was an interesting technique and I can see how it could be very useful but I'm not sure it's one that I would like to do a lot of.  I made a few errors along the way such as not getting the initial piece of fabric round the right way - fortunately noticing before I'd stitch too far along and not always allowing enough fabric when joining the pieces together.  That being said it's another skill learnt and nothing that can be rectified when a border goes round the block.

I am trying as hard as I can with catching up with the photo prompts so that I can get back to posting them on a daily basis.  Wednesday's prompt was WHERE YOU STOOD.  I had to collect a couple of parcels from our local sorting office so Max and I took a walk up there in the morning and this is WHERE WE STOOD while waiting in the queue.  We're lucky to have the sorting office within a relatively short walking distance so not only do Max and I get some much needed exercise but it also saves on fuel.

Thursday's prompt was FULL and I have taken a photo of the soaps I recently bought from The Little Cornish Soap Company.  They are FULL of natural products and smell delicious too.  Each individually wrapped in their corrugated wrappers and name tagged - such sweet and simple attention to detail.  I ordered them online Sunday evening and so they would have been with me on the Tuesday had I been in but I collected them from the sorting office on the Wednesday - one of the two parcels on that day - the other is a present for someone so I can't show that just yet but it is just as nice but very different.  Great service I think and would definitely recommend them.

Finally for today is Friday's photo prompt which was MAKES YOU SMILE and this was an easy one.  Seeing my grandchildren always MAKES ME SMILE and it was nice to be able to enjoy a lovely walk in the fresh winter air with them.  In this photo they are picking some pretty purple flowers from the bank which is located at their local  railway branch line.  The simple things often give the most pleasure.  While Connor was reluctant to go out for a walk initially he soon forgot and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Winter Fairy

DSCF1841 I am feeling really pleased with myself today as I have put the final stitches into the Winter Fairy which I have been working on this month for Theme-a-licious.  It also means that I have completed another of my outstanding WIP's and this is my second finish for the year.  Winter Fairy is one of four designs to make up a set of seasonal fairys, Spring and Summer are already on my stair walls.  I'm not sure when the Autumn Fairy will get started as I am determined to complete some more of my long outstanding WIP's first.

DSCF1839I'm still catching up with the photo prompts and today I am sharing Monday and Tuesday's photos today.  Monday was to take a photo of SOMETHING YOU DON'T LIKE and the one thing I don't like doing every week is the ironing.  I don't mind ironing pretty fabrics ready to be cut or pressed into finished articles but I hate clothes ironing - a never  ending mindless weekly task!  Max doesn't like me doing the ironing either as he always barks at the ironing board when I'm either putting it up or down.

DSCF1838Tuesdays prompt was I AM..... and it took me quite a while to think of what to use for this prompt.  In the end I decided to take a photo of one of the many cupboards that store my craft stash which shows that I AM getting closer to having everything in a more organised state.  This will hopefully in turn mean that crafting time won't be spent looking for things and wasting valuable time.

I'm behind with the Sugar Block this month - I had hoped to get it completed by the last Friday of the month but it wasn't to be - mainly because I have been determined to finish the Winter Fairy this month.  I have cut out the templates and all the pieces of material required for it so I hope to get it stitched up tomorrow.  Fortunately for me both Karen and Wynneth are also behind - I think we all got caught out with February being such a short month!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WOYWW #194

DSCF1833 Another week gone by and another Wednesday to share in What's On Your Workdesk Wesdneday fun - more details can be found on Julia's blog.  I am sharing the fabrics that I have chosen for the second of the Sugar Blocks.  I've been putting this block off for a while, not sure why but I need to get it done as I'm supposed to be putting the completed block on my blog on the last Friday of each month.  I've printed off the templates required for the paper piecing and the instructions which I think I will need to read through more than once to make sure I get it right so hopefully before I go out this evening I will have made a start on it.  In the corner you can just see part of last months block and I thought I would carry over one of the fabrics from the previous block so this time I've chosen the pale spotted fabric in the very corners of the first block.  I'm going to match this up with the darker floral/vine fabric.  Fingers crossed the combination will look ok.

DSCF1805Carrying on with the photo prompts - Saturday's prompt was PERFECT.  Well Saturday was a perfect day spent with like minded friends on a sunny day at the Crocadon.  While we were there a man had three of his birds of prey that he uses for falconry and they were PERFECT examples of birds designed for hunting.  I can't remember the proper name of this bird but he looked very handsome sat on his wooden block for everyone to see.  The other two birds were just as beautiful but I couldn't get a good enough photo of them to show partly because there were other people around and partly (and I'm not complaining) but the sun was shining so brightly on that day.

DSCF1837Sunday's prompt was IN YOUR HAND.  While at the Crocadon I bought some lovely Lavender and Hemp balm for my hands.  In the winter I suffer with very dry fingers and the skin can get quite rough which can be very frustrating when sewing or knitting as it catches and pulls the threads.  The number of times I have had to re-thread a needle because of this is far too many to count.  The balm not only smells gorgeous it is doing a first class job of keeping my fingers nice and smooth which means a few more stitches are getting put into my needlework every day.  When I first started using it I thought it would be greasy but it's not and I am so impressed with it I have decided to order some of their handmade soaps to see if that will also help.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Postage due

DSCF1830 The last card to share from the craft day with Lisa - we did make another one but I gave that to my friend for her birthday last Monday and forgot to take a photo of it first.  This card uses the lovely Postage Due set from SU and the card was made after seeing the video on Dawn's You Tube channel which can be found here.  There's such a wealth of talent out there and this lady has lots of inspirational videos.

I've used a slightly different colour combination using Night of Navy rather than the Early Espresso to use with the blue gingham ribbon I had to hand.

DSCF1814Thursday's photo prompt was LOVE IS, obviously planned for Valentine's Day.  Even after almost 29 years of marriage it's still nice to share a little gift and card with DH.  I'd already posted the card I'd made for him on the left of this photo.  To the right is the beautiful card he bought for me along with a small box of chocolates which were totally delicious and shared with him of course. I still think it's important to show we care even after all this time together - I'd also bought him some chocolates but they didn't last long enough to be added to the photo!
Friday's prompt was INSIDE YOUR FRIDGE - lucky for me I had cleaned it earlier in the week and had actually been shopping so the fridge looked tidy and full for a change.  The unhealthy items such as sausage rolls are for DS2 to take to work for his lunch - he doesn't do healthy very often.  Working in a supermarket pharmacy four days a week means I only tend to buy food for a few days at a time.  It's easy to pick up a few bits of shopping after work and it also means that there is very little waste as far as fruit, vegetables and other vunerable food stuff is concerned which means a few pennies are also saved.

I will be spending an hour or so with Logan, Savannah and Colette this evening while DH is out.  SIL is at work so it also gives Colette some adult company when the children have gone to bed - it also gives us a chance to have a good old female chinwag!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Chalkboard Technique

DSCF1829 Today I'm sharing another of the cards I made with Lisa during our crafting day at my house.  It's called the chalkboard technique and I'd been itching to give it a go.  I gained the inspiration from Sandi MacIver and a video on the technique can be found here.  I've used the dies and stamps set in the Hearts a Flutter bundle available from SU.  I've also used the small SU heart punch, bakers twine and a sentiment from the Vintage Verses Sale-a-bration set.  I'm quite pleased with my first attempt and I think it's a technique that can be used for a variety of occasions.  I've one more card to show you from that crafting session but I'll leave that for another day.

DSCF1818A couple more photo prompts to share with you again today.  On Tuesday last week we had to take a photo of WHERE YOU ATE LUNCH.  Tuesday is a work day for me so I ate my lunch in the staff restaurant so nothing fancy to show today.  Normally it would be filled with people at lunch time but I'm sure I would have got a few strange looks if I'd taken it then.  I decided to wait until later in the day when I knew it would be quieter and I wouldn't feel quite so conspicuous. I have to admit when I moved from working behind the scenes in the staff restaurant to working in the pharmacy it felt a little strange sitting the other side of the counter instead of serving the lunch.

DSCF1799Wednesdays prompt was WALK and the aim was to take a photo of something you saw while you were on your walk.  I took Max for a walk along the creek and on our way back home I came across one of the trees which was starting to be come out in pretty blossom.  It's always a beautiful site to see all the pale pink and white blossom on the trees but sadly all too often the winds come along with the rain and it is soon blown away.  Fortunately it has been nice and sunny for the past few days so with any luck it will be hanging around for a little longer to be admired.

Yesterday I was able to get quite a bit of stitching done on the Winter Fairy - a very relaxing day.  I also made mushroom soup this week for our lunchtime snack and very nice it was too.  I'm really enjoying trying out all the different soup recipes each week.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

4 Crafty Chicks Sketch Challenge

DSCF1816 It's a sketch challenge over at the 4 Crafty Chick Challenge blog this week which at the moment is the only challenge I am following.  I've used a beautiful butterfly embossing folder which came free with the Papercraft Essentials magazine.  Firstly I used brayer to ink up one side of the embossing folder with SU's Lucky Limeade to give the butterflies the fresh green background.  The patterened paper is from a small 6 x 6 pad which I think also came free with a magazine many months ago.  I've used a Martha Stewart border punch on the pink cardstock and added some ribbon from my stash.  The sentiment comes from the SU Language of Friendship stamp set and cut out with the decorative label punch and finally some gems added for a little sparkle.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Stocking SAL

DSCF1811 Yesterday I managed to get an hours worth of stitching completed before going into work which was a good start to the day.  I was then able to spend another three hours stitching in the evening.  Here is the updated photo of the stocking - three sessions on this now and I'm really pleased with my progress.  Santa's sledge is almost complete and I think next week may see Santa making an appearance.  I was happy 'virtually' stitching together with my stocking SAL companions Julie and Catherine so will look forward to see how they got on with their stockings this week.

Today I have been to the Crocadon Producer Fayre where I bought some lovely gooseberry and coriander chutney (from Hogs Bottom Garden Delights), smoked haddock and bacon fishcake, sea bass and ginger fishcakes, two mini lemon iced ginger loaf cakes, lavender and hemp hand cream (from The Little Cornish Soap Company) and a chicken printed canvas tote.  The alapca lady wasn't there this time so no more wool was bought - maybe next month.  I went with my friends Jacqueline, Wynneth and Lisa and later Allie and her sister joined us and we called in the little cafe they have there for coffee and cakes. 

Last Monday's photo prompt was ENTRANCE and I took this photo while on a walk with Max around our local area.  This used to be part of Budshead Manor but there is very little apart from three manor entrances and the foundations of a barn there now.  Just behind this entrance is where the local Scout Hut building is where we once used to be Cub Scout leaders when are children were so much younger.  On the little patch of grass you can see is where we used to hold the Beaver camps - they had to have a parent camp with them because of their age and we did enjoy our time in the Scout movement.  Looking back all those years ago I wonder how we fitted it all in as we both worked full time and the children were always involved with different activities but I guess you just do manage to find the time.  With the children now grown up my time is just filled with other activities instead.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Guilty Pleasure

DSCF1789 I'm finally getting round to posting a few of the photo prompts from the past week - it's been a bit crazy this week with both in work and having family come to stay unexpectedly.  Last Saturday's prompt was GUILTY PLEASURE - for this one I decided to take a photo of just one of the three baskets that I have so far filled up with my clear and unmounted stamps.  I've had to buy more baskets for the rest of them to go in as I have that many!  As you have gathered I love stamps and buying new stamps always gives me pleasure but at the same time while I was putting all my stamps into the basket I couldn't help feeling a little guilty as a lot of them haven't even seen an ink pad yet.  I'm hoping to rectify that over the coming year and I am going to challenge myself to randomly take set a out of the basket each week and make at least one card from that set.

DSCF1803Sunday's prompt was 3 O'CLOCK and you were to take a photo of what you were doing between 3 and 4 o'clock morning or afternoon.  There was no way I could do that at 3 in the morning as I was very much in the land of nod.  In the afternoon though I was happily making cards with my friend Lisa and this is just one of the cards that we made.  I chose to use Tangerine Tango and Early Espresso as my colour scheme and a set of stamps from the       Sale-a-bration offer from SU.  I got the idea for this card from Tami White and instructions can be found here.  Loved the simplicity of this card and yet it looks so very effective.

More photo prompts to follow but now I must carry on with my stitching for the Stocking SAL.  DH is out for the evening so I've got plenty of time to spend on it.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WOYWW #193

DSCF1792 My workspace for WOYWW has continued to be kept clean and tidy which is mainly down to the fact that I haven't been crafting much on it this week.  There are a few cards that I came across while sorting last week which are on the grid mat and just need to have envelopes put with them and then popped into clear bags to keep them clean.  On the right are three of the four cards I made with Lisa on Sunday which I will take proper photos of and show them over the next week.  Much of my crafting time has been spent knitting the baby blanket or working on the Christmas Fairy cross stitch both of which I will give progress photos of at the end of the month.

My eldest son and his family have been staying at our house for a couple of days - a bit of a houseful but it does make a pleasant change to have them around in the evenings, especially as DH is away for a couple of nights.  They are hoping to move into their own accomodation next Friday and if they stay with us that long we will probably be looking forward to that as much as they will be!

I have lots of photo prompts to catch up with posting this week too.  I have been keeping up with taking them just not with posting them on my blog.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Good intentions

DSCF1784 I had every intention of making carrot and coriander soup this evening.  It did not happen as my brother who is down visiting and staying at our parents house came over for the evening.  I bought the carrots not only with the intention of making the soup but also because it fitted todays photo prompt of ORANGE.  I will now make it tomorrow when we have got back from town where we are hoping to get DH some jeans.  To go with it I am also going to make a lovely cheese and celery loaf.

I have the pleasure of looking after Logan and Savannah for a few hours later in the afternoon into the early evening.  I also have my friend Lisa coming to stay overnight so that we can have a playday on Sunday - lots to look forward to.  I hope you all have a great weekend too.

I have spent some of today on my stocking SAL and have made good progress but we are only posting progress photos once a fortnight.  I've decided to do the backstich as I go (I hate backstitch) and it's surprising what a difference it has already made.  Not that I'm wishing my life away but I can't wait to work on it again next Friday.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Red and pink challenge–4 Crafty Chicks

DSCF1779 The challenge this week over at the 4 Crafty Chicks challenge blog this week is to use Red and Pink.  I've gone for a relatively clean and simple look.  The die cuts are from the same pack that the hearts came from for the Mother card.  The sentiment is from one of the Sale-a-bration stamps sets that can be acquired for free and is called Vintage Verses.  Doiley and ribbon from stash and just a few hearts added punched out with SU's mini heart - so cute.  I think this would do for a number of occasions and not just Valentine's Day.

DSCF1783Todays photo prompt was YOUR NAME and the only thing I had to hand which I could think of was my work badge - pretty self explanatory really.  Back up to date with these prompts again and I managed to keep the craft area upstairs tidy too!

Time to take Max out for a quick walk and then bedtime - hopefully I should sleep well with the busy day of sorting I've had.

Oops I forgot

DSCF1771to take part in yesterdays WOYWW and the photo prompt.  I did actually take a photo of my desk but it looks totally different again today so I'll wait until next week to join in with the fun of that again.  I can show you the shelves I've been tidying up in the upstairs bedroom which will now be DS2's bedroom - I've managed to keep my overflow of stash up here without too many grumbles from the menfolk!  In the 12 x 12 boxes are most of the wooden SU stamps, there are some in the baskets in the top too but they are large background and alphabet stamps that I didn't want to separate.  In the other boxes and tins are ribbons, ink pads, adhesives, cards, envelopes, marker pens, washi tape and Unity stamps.  I've also got my Copics and two clocks on the bottom shelf. Don't know why there are two clocks, but it's probably because I no longer use the small travel clock to wake me up and I was never able to have it in the bedroom as the ticking used to keep me awake.  The other one didn't always keep time properly.

DSCF1774It's worrying as although it's all neat and tidy now it will all have to come out when we start decorating the room - at least with this photo I will know how to put it all back together again.

The photo prompt for yesterday was SOFT - while I was out walking with Max I took a photo of one of the boats that are kept down the creek which at this time was wedged on the soft mud banks as the tide was out.  The route we walk was also pretty soft underfoot with all the rain we have had too.

Tomorrow will be spent sorting out the downstairs stash and trying to make the cupboards look more presentable!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

To a wonderful Mother

DSCF1767 I'm getting this card in with a few hours to spare for the 4 Crafty Chicks challenge - I'm trying hard to enter their challenge each week as well as getting at least one card made each week.  They also have a great prize up for grabs for one lucky person to win.  Their challenge this week was 1 patterned paper (a piece of scrap from my stash), 2 colours (black and white) and 3 buttons (top left corner).  I'm not sure who the patterned paper is made by but I thought it was really pretty, the heart die cuts came from a pack I bought a long time ago from QVC and I think came with some stamps sets, the bird punch is by SU as is the dotty ribbon border.  I've also used a retired SU hostess stamp for the bird but the sentiments are from the current catalogue from a set called Wonderful Mother.  Not sure if I will give this to my mother for Mother's Day or her birthday, either way I'm ahead of the game!

Something you smelled

DSCF1765 Gosh it was another busy day at work today.  I work in an    in-store pharmacy and next to us is the in-store bakery which proved useful for todays photo prompt which was SOMETHING YOU SMELLED.  As you can imagine there are often lots of lovely smells coming from this area and it can make me feel incredilby hungry at times and wishing my lunch break would come round quickly! It's also a great temptation to go and pick something up after I have finished work - they make the most delicious cookies.

I'd forgotten I had a couple of days leave booked for this week which was a pleasant surprise when I found out Monday.  I knew I had a week off at the end of February but had forgotten that with changing departments and increasingthe umber of days work I was entitled to more leave.  It had to be used before the end of March but obviously needed to fit in with the requirements of the department and Thursday and Friday this week were those days.  Not sure what I will do with those days - I really need to try and get my hair cut as well as a few other things I have been putting off for a while.  Hopefully the time off with be both productive as well as relaxing.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Rainbow of hope

DSCF1764 The photo prompt for today is HOPE - at first this proved to be a difficult one for me.  How could I take a photo of hope?  Then I did a search to see what symbols of hope there were and one of them was a rainbow.  I then remembered that I had made this mini canvas sometime back for a challenge blog that I used to on the DT.  Rainbows are very pretty and of course there is always the hope that there is a pot of gold at the rainbow if only you could find it.  I also loved the little verse that I found to go with it so although this canvas has appeared on my blog once before ( a fair while ago) it fitted perfectly for me today.


DSCF1232 It was one of those rare days yesterday that we had all of our children and grandchildren round at our house.  The photo prompt for yesterday was EVERYBODY and DH came up with the idea of taking a picture of all of them and using it for the prompt.  From left to right is our daughter Colette, our eldest son David with his niece Savannah, then we have my daughter in law Vicky with Elisha, our youngest son Bryan with his nephews Logan and Connor and of course Max didn't want to be left out and walked into the photo too.

I'm almost up to date with the photo prompts now - just todays to go which I will post later when I get home from work.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Theme-a-licious for February

A new month means a new theme over at It's Geek to Me Theme-a-licious

Figural February
Who are the people in your neighborhood...your WIP neighborhood, that is? Give your people-populated projects some face time this month.
DSCF1761I decided to work on the Winter Fairy from one of my outstanding WIP's.  I've done the Spring and Summer fairies and they are hanging on my stairway walls.  I started the Winter Fairy a very long time ago so it would be nice if I could get quite a bit of this one done this month as there is also a Autumn Fairy to be stitched at a later date to complete the set.  Last night I managed to put some of the backstitch into this piece and some more of the greenery.  My main focus this month will be this piece but I also hope to get some more stitches into the landscape cross stitch too and also my stocking SAL.

DSCF1236The photo prompt for yesterday was PATTERN.  I decided to take a photo of the knitting pattern that I am using for the baby blanket.  It's a booklet of baby patterns and contains another couple of baby blankets and several cardigans and jumpers all very pretty designs.  I've managed to get another pattern repeat completed today and finally think I have got to the halfway point.

It's been quite a productive weekend for me - I hope yours has been just as good.

Dig those weeds

 Yesterday was a very enjoyable day as it was spent with four crafting friends at my house.  Moya taught us all how to make a thread catcher - will post a photo of that later in the week.  It's a project that took some time as it was all hand stitched.  We also stopped for lunch - I'd made two different soups, Broccoli and Stilton and Leek and Potato with freshly made bread rolls (made with the use of our bread maker).  Wynneth showed me how to do felting - I do not need to have any new crafts LOL!  We also enjoyed Jam Muffins and Lemon sponge cake with our tea breaks which I had also made - yum, yum even if I say so myself.

DSCF1219The February photo prompts are out so I'm going to try and keep going with them.  Fridays prompt was FORK.  We have a front and a back garden, neither of us are keen gardeners so they are often shamefully neglected by us.  But I was determined that over the weekend I would pull out the few weeds that had come up in the front garden so that we and passersby could benefit from the Spring flowers that have started shooting up in the small borders we have.  So I took a photo of my little border fork against some of the soon to be pretty flowers.  Sadly the back garden has still been neglected this weekend but not many people can see that so I think I can live with it looking a little unruly for a while longer.

Movement of furniture has been taking place today - DS2 has now moved into the back bedroom and DH's train LO has moved into the smaller front bedroom.  Still lots to sort out with regards to my play stash but hoping I might get away with staying in the alcove of the back bedroom if I can sort out something for DS2's TV to go on - thus avoiding having to move too much more at this moment in time.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Stocking SAL

DSCF1214 Yesterday was the start of the Christmas stocking SAL that I am doing with a couple of blogging friends Julie and Catherine.  I'm very happy with the progress I made although I could probably have got a lot more done but I also baked cakes and made two different soups in the evening as well.  I did manage to get part of Santa's sleigh completed and some sky and was enjoying stitching on it so much I didn't actually want to stop.  I can hardly wait now for next Friday to come round.  I'm off now to check out how Julie and Catherine got on yesterday.