Thursday, 31 January 2013


 This morning was spent transferring my SU retired wooden stamps sets into those 12 x 12 boxes that were on my workdesk yesterday.  I guess I underestimated yet again just how many boxes I would need as I filled 8 out of the 9 boxes this morning.  I think I might just need a couple more to complete the job.  The next task is to catalogue all of them in a folder and number the boxes so that I know exactly what stamps are in which box - I'll get there one day!

hpqscan0001Todays photo prompt is YOURSELF so I have included a photo of me as a baby with my brother Michael looking at me adoringly.  He was adamant that he only wanted a sister - definitely didn't want a brother - lucky for mum and dad he got what he wanted.  I was going to be called Suzanne but Michael didn't like that name as there was a girl that lived nearby us called that and he didn't like her.  So he got to name me Linda Ann - I later found out that he'd seen the name on a caravan while on holiday in Weymouth - I guess it could have been a lot worse.  Thankfully he still loves me as much as he did then even though I was a very active and sometimes annoying sister when younger, however I was useful for a money loan when older as I was always the sensible one with regards to money.  Now we're older we are very much equals and enjoy the times when we get the chance to meet up.


My name is Wynneth said...

Well done on organising your stamps Linda, don't envy you the task of cataloguing though, I'm still working through my 'mountain' of stamps :o(

How fabulous that you have such a wonderful relationship with your brother. My brother and I are very close too and I know how Blessed I am to have him.


Jill said...

So you are named after a caravan?!

Great picture! Would make a lovely scrapbook page. Jill x

Saxo Stamper said...

Oh super cute, you should scrap book this picture and tell the story. You are so lucky to have a good relationship. Lou and I are very close but our brother has very little to do with us, shame as he has three beautiful girls that we would have liked to have known better.


Julie said...

A lovely post!

Awww you look such a cutie Linda. how lovely you got named by your brother. I was named Julie as I was born in July lol.

Darnell J Knauss said...

That was a a great post, Linda. I adore that picture of you as a wee lass and the story of your brother and how he named you! Glad you still get on so well! Good luck with your ongoing organization!!