Saturday, 12 January 2013


DSCF1062 SURPRISE is the photo prompt word for today and I have to say I was surprised to see this beautiful Camelia blossom when I looked out of our kitchen window this morning.  This is one that we keep in a large planter and it has been blown over numerous times in the past few months.  When I went out to take the photo (inbetween rain showers) I saw that there are lots of buds waiting to come out in flower.  I just hope that the cold snap that is predicted doesn't kill them all off.

DSCF1063This afternoon I have managed to spend a couple of hours out in the conservatory just stitching - haven't managed to do that for a while.  It meant I was able to complete the month of November - yippee!  Just one month to go and the whole year will be complete - with any luck I may get a few hours of stitching in again tomorrow.

Yesterday evening I managed to complete my first read of the year although I did actually start Demon - A Memoir by Tosca Lee at the very end of December.  My next book to read is by Laura Childs called Photo Finish and is one of the scrapbooking mysteries - light hearted reading with a bit of crafting woven into the storyline.  My aim this year is read a variety of writing styles and I quite often check out what other people are reading to give me new ideas.  Can anyone recommend any books to me?