Friday, 18 January 2013


 Todays photo prompt is SHADOW.  It would have been near on impossible to have got a shadow of anything outside today as it has been a very grey, cold and in some places snowy day.  It was hard to believe that when I set off to work this morning where there was not a speck of snow and yet just a short distance away in a neighbouring estate they'd had snow.  As I drove into work the snow was falling and the nearer I got to work the greater the snow fall had been.  By the time I left work this afternoon a lot of the snow had melted so no doubt tomorrow will be more treacherous with the predicted freezing temperatures.  Thankfully no work for me tomorrow but I am hoping to go out somewhere during the day.

DSCF1108Onto my shadow photo - I was wondering what I could take a photo of when I happened to look across at DH loafing in his chair and noticed that he was creating a shadow.  So I got him to do some shadow puppets and managed to capture this one. 

Not much crafting has been going on here over the past couple of evenings, unfortunately I am being distracted by the Australian Open and catching up with play that took place during the night here in the UK.  Unless Andy Murray gets through to the final there is no way that I am staying up the whole night to watch the tennis.


Saxo Stamper said...

So funny. We have 6 to 8 inches of snow which is very pretty but not practical....Barney loves it but struggles after a while. Didn't open up the business yesterday as we were pretty much stuck in the village. We did sledge with some of the villagers for part of the day which was nice. K x

catherine said...

That is a creative photo Linda . Hope your staying warm with any snow
x catherine

Julie said...

Clever pic for today's photo prompt.