Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Photo prompts

DSCF1137 Tuesdays photo prompt was CORNER - I wasn't quite sure what to do for this one but inspiration came when I picked up my stitching for the evening.  I decided I would take a photo of the corner of my stitching which also doubles up as an update on the landscape picture I've been concentrating on this month.  I have mainly been working on the pillars of the window structure of this one as there are large patches of just one colour which means I seem to achieve more in an evening than if I did the confetti work of the floral and sky work.  Just over a week left in January to work mainly on this one before nexts month change of theme on Theme-a-licious.  I am hoping to have filled in most of the dark work by the end of January providing I don't get distracted with other projects or the tennis.

DSCF1140Todays photo prompt is ELECTRIC.  While taking Max out for his morning walk this morning I captured this photo of the electricity pylons.  As you can tell from the photo it is another grey day here, but at least it wasn't raining or snowing.

I have spent most of the day catching up on household chores inbetween watching tennis games.  It's been keeping me fit as I run up and down the stairs between the games though!


Karen K said...

Lovely cross stitch and so enjoying the photos.

K xxx

My name is Wynneth said...

I'm loving seeing your photo prompts every day Linda, great shot of the pylon ! You are getting along well with your Yiota's Landscape project, you'll have it finished in no time at this rate.


Julie said...

you've got green grass on your walk, ours is still white.

Great progress on the stitching front.

Jill said...

Interesting photo! See you tomorrow. Jill x

catherine said...

Great photos for the prompts. You are doing well keeping up with these
x catherine

Mrs A. said...

Both pictures are good interpretations of the photo prompts. Interested to see how your embroidery turns out. Hugs Mrs A.

Darnell J Knauss said...

You have such fun with all your different hobbies and interests, Linda. It's always a lovely visit stopping by to see you!!

Anne said...

Hi Linda I do enjoy your photographs and I'm just sorry I don't have time to comment every day. Thanks for visiting me this week. Anne x #145

PS I am wondering if you got my last email. Am only asking cos I don't seem to be getting replies from some people who were supposed to get back to me. Another friend - also a Linda has texted me to tell me she didn't get email I'd sent with an address for her.