Sunday, 20 January 2013

Furniture shopping

 This morning was spent going around furniture shops looking for a bed sofa for our youngest sons bedroom.  Although technically still living at home he is very rarely home at night so he decided it might be an idea to replace his bed with a bed sofa.  It helped me with todays photo prompt which is SOMETHING YOU SAW  We looked at lots of bed sofas all varying in price and quality and think we have decided on one which will fit quite nicely and we both liked.  We took details of the exact size to see how it would fit in his room.  When we got home we have decided that buying this new sofa bed could mean a relocation of bedrooms for him. While it will easily fit in his current bedroom I believe it would be better to move him into the larger bedroom.  This will be no mean feat as DH and I have used this bedroom as our craft den/model railway room - so where to put all my crafting stash?  How to try and move his layout without causing too much damage to it's structure?  It will also mean decorating the larger bedroom too so that it can also serve as a guest bedroom when youngest son is not at home.  It has taken some persuasive skills but I think I have got DH to agree so both myself and youngest son are quite pleased with ourselves.
While we looking at bed sofas I also came across a sofa and chairs that I think I would like and unbelievably DH says he likes it too for our lounge.  I picked up this leaflet which shows the style of the sofa - totally different to what we initially had planned for our front room but if we go ahead I certainly think it will be a fun looking room.  This leaflet shows SOMETHING I SAW and now my head is full of allsorts of possiblilites!

We had the pleasure of having Logan to stay with us yesterday evening and this morning.  As he was getting tired in the evening we spent a good half hour watching nursery rhymes on You Tube - his favourite being Humpty Dumpty and London Bridge.  He loves drawing with his crayons and every time there has to be a Humpty Dumpty drawn and he is quite often found singing it to himself.  This morning after he had eaten a bowl of grapes he sat on the arm of our sofa with the plastic bowl on his head singing the song and sliding off the arm when he got to the part where Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.  He is just so adorable.


Jill said...

Ooh all the new furniture possibilities!

Sounds as if you had a lovely evening with Logan. See you on Thursday. Jill x

Karen K said...

Oh bless his cotton socks - he is such a little darling isn't it.

Nice choices with the furniture Linda.


catherine said...

Sounds like you have sorted your bedroom layouts out. Will have been nice to have some time with Logan. Hope your ok with any snow
x catherine

My name is Wynneth said...

How exciting/scary new furniture and relocating rooms ! Will you still have room to fit in all your stash ? Hope so, but if you don't I'll gladly take care of some of it for you LOL

How sweet that Logan likes to play at being Humpty Dumpty - they are just so adorable at that age aren't they. Enjoy and cherish those precious moments, we missed most of them with our youngest grandson after they moved to live many miles away when he was just a couple of weeks old.


Julie said...

Grandchildren are such fun, I spent a wonderful afternoon with Isabelle yesterday. Nice looking sofa.