Saturday, 19 January 2013

Crocadon Producer Fair delights

I have spent an enjoyable day with friends. Firstly I met up with Jacqueline and we called into the Kelly Bray Arts centre hoping to enjoy one of their demonstration days - sadly at the moment they are no longer running them. Unusally for both of us we didn't buy anything there as unfortunately they had not had any new stock since our last visit there. We decided to move on and called in at the Louis Tea Rooms where we enjoyed a DELICIOUS bowl of mushroom soup and warm bread. While we were there we made arrangements to meet up with our friend Allie at the Crocadon Producer Fair. There were lots and lots of DELICIOUS produce and handmade items to be found there and here are some photos of just a few of the producers wares. The photo prompt for today as you may have gathered is DELICIOUS and the producers certainly provided me with plenty of photo opportunities.

DSCF1119First buy for me was from The Cornish Sea Salt Co. where I bought a delicious Chilli Sea Salt and was provided with a leaflet giving me a recipe and tips. Many different varieties are available including original sea salt, smoked sea salt, fine sea salt, chilli sea salt, onion sea salt, garlic sea salt sand sea salt and pepper. I will be trying my salt out during the week and Jacqueline will be acting as one of the tasters. For stockists and recipes visit

DSCF1117Next purchase was some jaffa slices which are gluten free and made using I believe butternut squash by a company called Let Them Eat Cake. As it happened I knew Derick - he happens to be a friend of my brother in law and a couple of years ago a group of us spent an enjoyable day at the St Austell beer festival. He asked me if I had been dancing on any tables of late - much to the surprise and amusement of my friends - that's another story though! Also on sale were some chocolate brownies which I think were made with beetroot and some other delicious looking cakes.  For further info on gluten free cakes e-mail Lisa

DSCF1116Right next door to them was another cake stall with lots more tempting cakes called Crockett Cakes and run by a very nice lady called Jane. I bought this ginger loaf cake (ginger being one of my favourite ingredients) and there were also a variety of other delicious cakes including some gorgeous cupcakes which I didn't buy today. I could have bought lots more cake but even I can only eat so much cake in one day!!! Both cake stalls were very reasonably priced and had something to catch your eye and whet your apetite.  Jane can be found on Facebook and by contacting
Other local produce included fish, meat, vegetables, bread, chutney and pies - so many mouth watering products to choose from and I will definitely be going there again next month.

DSCF1118Inside another building they had the craft sellers. There were lots of lovely stalls selling a variety of goods including jewellery, paintings, prints, fabric items, handmade soaps, hand knitted products and ceramics.  I bought some alpaca wool from a company called Popham Alpacas which are in Hatt.  There was a lovely baby cardigan there and I was very tempted to buy the pattern and make it for our friends who are expecting their first baby in May but as I don't know what sex the baby is I resisted as I felt it was a little too girly.  I did buy two balls of the lovely 4ply and have decided to look through my patterns and find something which will be more unisex.  It's nice to know that if I don't have enough I can purchase some more quite easily.  The wool was so soft and light to the feel.  Further info can be found at

One of the other stalls that caught my eye was the artist Chris Tomlinson who had a variety of prints and original work for sale.  The large sheep picture caught my eye initially and if I'd had enough money on me I may well have bought it.  Instead I had to settle for three lovely cards with his prints on instead.  I got the sheep, pigs and boxer dogs (we used to have a boxer dog and they are still one of my favourite breeds).  I have also noticed on his business card that he does commissions so I think I will need to get in touch and find out more details as it would be nice to have another portrait of Max done.  If interested then he can also be found on Facebook or contacted at

If you ever get a chance to call in to this producer fair I would highly recommend it and I have to admire the dedication and committment of these traders as it was extremely cold down there today but they were all very friendly and helpful. 



Jill said...

Sounds as if you have had a good day! Jill x

My name is Wynneth said...

Sorry to hear your trip to KB was a disappointment, but I'm sure the mushroom soup was yummy enought to take your mind off it ! I really must get Crocadon one month, it all sounds so fabulous.


Emma/Itzy said...

Oh I love boxers :) My Dad has had three over the years and they all think they are lapdogs when I visit him! lol

Julie said...

A lovely way to spend a day. I have a portrait of one of my cats, he lived to be 21. The alpaca wool looks so soft, I've never knitted with that.