Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Over halfway through

DSCF1594 the Craftsy Block of the Month course.  Sunday evening I managed to put together the second block for the month of June which was a very simple one and only used a couple of the fabrics.  Although I have pressed this block it doesn't look like it in the picture.  Just four more months worth of blocks to try and catch up with at some stage!  July's blocks include dresden circles which I am looking forward to as they look really pretty on the videos.  Somehow I don't think I will finish this before the year is up (but I will persevere with it).  I already have another project lined up to do in the New Year which is also by Amy.  I think I may have found the fabrics I want to use for the Sugar Block Club so I should be ready for that at least in the New Year. I will post a photo of them when they are in my possession.  I'm going to be doing this along with my friends Karen and Wynneth so hopefully we can keep each other motivated (well me mainly as Karen and Wynneth are oh so quick with their projects all the time).


My name is Wynneth said...

This looks like a pretty but simple block Linda, I really must get on with the BOM projects. Maybe our plan to keep each other motivated with the Sugar Block Club projects will be me a bit better organised. Problem is I have too many big ideas in my head that I want to quilt ! Just like me to want to run before I can walk !

Will be thinking of you tomorrow Sweetie. Hope we can catch up soon. I'll be going to Moya's but don't suppose you'll make it this week.

Karen K said...

Hi Linda, oh well done you, looks lovely. You will enjoy the Dresdens but they aren't that quick to do ! Don't worry I am sure you will get there with the blocks eventually - there isn't any time frame is there.


Julie said...

Looks lovely, it's always nice to craft along with friends.