Sunday, 2 December 2012

December–our weekend

DSCF1571 Wow - here we are in December which means I am now officially allowed by DH to sing Christmas songs!  Yesterday was a lovely sunny day although it was a very frosty morning but we decided to pick up Logan and take him for a walk round Saltram with us and Max.  DH was mainly in charge of the camera and he came up with this beauty.  The reflection of the clouds in the lake area near the River Plym is just amazing I think - maybe I should let him lose with the camera all the time.

DSCF1582As usual Logan had great fun running along the footpaths and we even got to see three trains go by while we were out walking so he was very happy.  The train track runs alongside the River Plym which can be seen from the walk round Saltram.  We did a slightly different walk this time and headed towards the main road that comes into Plymouth so that Logan could look down on the train track. 

Logan would have stayed there for ages waiting for a train and at one point he refused to walk back and sat on the floor - he didn't have a tantrum but he steadfastly refused to go any further.  Finally we managed to convince him to get moving again by letting him take control of Max and hold his lead. 

DSCF1584As you can see it took him a great deal of concentration but it did finally get him up on his feet and walking and we were able to continue with our lovely walk without any upsets.  Once again the fresh air and the exercise tired him out and he fell asleep briefly in the car on the way back home.

DSCF1586We called in to see mother in law on our way home just to check everything was ok - happy to report that she seems to be coping very well at the moment.  The funeral is this Wednesday and mother in law asked if I would make a card to go with the flowers which is what I did this morning.  Father in law always liked my cards and every year he would ask me to make her a birthday, Christmas and anniversary card (all of which were in December) - it will be strange not doing that for him this year so I felt extremely honoured that mother in law asked me to do this for him.

DSCF1591Also today we got the Christmas tree down from the loft and spent this afternoon decorating the tree - we have decided that the lights we have put on the tree are not bright enough (they were originally bought to go in the conservatory each year as a festive touch) so we need to invest in some new ones.  Next year we will probably get some new decorations as we really are hoping that 2013 will be the year we will finally get round to re-decorating the lounge (something we've been saying for the past few years).  I have asked our friend to come round in January and sort the fireplace out for us so with any luck that will spur us onto to getting the rest of the room done.

There hasn't been much crafting going on this week although I have made a start on a babys blanket for our friends who are expecting their first baby in May.  This is something I have been able to do while watching TV this week as I haven't really felt like doing much else.  I have a few things to make before Christmas as little gifts and that is probably all that will get done now this year.  When the New Year arrives I will start making monthly goals again.


Jill said...

Sounds as if you had a great weekend and I love your Christmas tree, must get mine down from the loft. Great to see you yesterday, must meet up soon. Jill x

Julie said...

Aww Logan is adorable.
Will be thinking of you Wednesday. X

catherine said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic walk out and Logan enjoyed it. Great pics from the other half. Hope everything is ok with MIL and she will be feeling your support.
Tree looks great and mine is now up and decorated too
x catherine

Anne said...

The scenery is beautiful. Logan gorgeous. I am longing to go out ( well other than to Docs and hsp)am feeling a bit better though. Have to see GP on Wed so hope that after that I can begin to get back to normal. Lovely seeing your tree up. Have not been able to sort out decorations yet but my friend gave me a poinsettia and Advent candle (she does every year) so a little Christmas cheer. How loely your MIL asked you to do the card. Glad she is ok will be thinking of you. Anne x

Karen K said...

What a lovely post, gorgeous pictures and Logan is such a darling.


My name is Wynneth said...

Fabulous pix Linda, Logan sure is a sweetie ! You'll have to give your OH the camera more often, he's caught some great shots. Was thinking of getting our tree down last weekend, but ran out of time ! Sales at Christmas Fayre on saturday weren't great, sold a handful of cards, all my fabric padded hearts and the festive knitted dishcloths. Was only charging £1 or 50p for everything, so not a lot of money taken.