Monday, 5 November 2012

My darling little trick or treaters and 2nd April block

DSCF1428DSCF1414 Our first trick or treaters were Logan and Savannah.  Logan was dressed up as a pirate zombie although he didn't like wearing the headscarf and trying to get a photo of him was extremely difficult as he just wouldn't keep still long enough.  As he wouldn't wear the headscarf Savannah kindly modelled it for us.  Savannah came dressed as a black cat wearing some cute little leggings with a tutu attached.

DSCF1431A little while later we had Connor and Elisha arrive in their Halloween outfits.  Connor also came as a pirate zombie but he had a pirate hat and mask.  Elisha came as one of the sweetest witches I've ever seen.  They were more than happy to pose for the camera.  Aren't they all just adorable?

It wasn't long before we had some trick or treaters from around the estate calling at our house and I am grateful that I made so many of those treats for the craft fayre - it felt so much nicer giving out something handmade and the children were pleasantly surprised too and their manners I have to say were very good this year - what a bonus!  I'm surprised we had any trick or treaters really as the weather wasn't that kind to them but it was nice to see them dressed up in their outfits and most of them either being accompanied by an adult or a nice safe group going around together.

I've been away this weekend on a scrapbooking retreat and had a thoroughly great time.  I did manage to get four 8 x 8 LO's completed for Logan and Savannahs family album along with two 12 x 12 LO's one of Connor and one of Elisha and part way through completing a third one.  I will post some photos of these throughout the week.

DSCF1435Today I finally got to use my sewing machine even if it was only to sew the blue strip to the main block of the 2nd April BOM.  It meant that this evening I have been stitching the hexagons on by hand.  It's not my favourite block but at least I can now move on with the next months where I will finally be able to put my new sewing machine to good use.  I didn't copy Amy's block exactly - on her block the strip at the bottom is green and the small hexagons are laid out slightly differently to look like the sun.  I've used the blue to create the sea and I'm thinking the hexagons look a little like some space craft taking off - or at least that's what my mind makes of it all!

My Fat Man is all ready to be collected from the framers tomorrow so mum and I will go to the art centre tomorrow to collect it and then have some lunch on the way back.  I don't have to go to work until Friday evening so I'm hoping this will be a nice and relaxed week catching up on a few projects at home.


My name is Wynneth said...

Your very own trick or treaters are adorable Linda - I so wish my grandsons had grown up living close enough for me to see them on Halloween - I've never managed to be with them, have to be content with making and sending them a card each year :o( We had a few call at our door to and I was prepared with a plastic pumpkin filled with treats - none as splendid as the handmade ones you gave out though !!

Love your BOM, well done - I haven't been able to even start on my course yet, but hoping to get on to it once the madness which is christmas preparation has passed. Looking forward to seeing your framed Fat Man SAL project. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

Dad and I will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow alone this year as the rest of the family are on holiday and tom is at home. I'm sure we'll have a lovely day though.

Jill said...

The children look great Linda!

Glad you had a nice weekend, you certainly managed a bit of scrapping!

Jill x

Karen K said...

Hi Linda

Well what cutie patooties your adorable little grandchildren look, it's really sweet seeing all the children in costume isn't it especially when they are well behaved.

Your hexis look great and it's another one chalked up, on to the next which I am sure you will have fun with. I am pleased to hear you are enjoying your machine, you will be addicted like the rest of us before long


catherine said...

Fantastic pics of your little trick or treaters Linda. How lovely they all look. we didn't have many this year probabaly due to the weather!!
x catherine

Julie said...

Aww your spooky visitors look adorable.