Thursday, 15 November 2012


DSCF1461 I loved stamping this stamp out in so many pretty colours - I've used five colours from the Bold Brights collection and five from the new in colours.  I've blanked off some of the bingo squares with tiny squares and then used the images from the Every Little Bit SU stamp set - total of 28 images.  Hopefully I have been random enough with all the different blocks - will find out on Monday which I'm really looking forward to. 

I've thought of another game I can make with this card so once the workshop is over on Monday I will put that together and show you - I want to be able show it's versatility - mind is racing with ideas but really just need to concentrate on the workshop at the moment!

Tonight I'm going to hopefully make up a couple of LO's to show as they are mainly scrapbookers and I want them to see how stamps can be used on so many projects and in so many different ways - that's the plan but sometimes real life gets in the way.

FIL is not good at the moment and MIL finding it increasingly difficult to manage with him at home now so some tough decisions made need to be made over the coming weeks.

On the good side Elisha is now home from hospital and hopefully mum and dad will be able to cope sufficiently with her condition and they can lead a 'normal' life again.

Went out to Tavistock quickly today to meet up with my friend Chris - enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee together and a good old chin wag - so nice to catch up again.  While I was out there I bought some 4ply baby wool as I want to make a start on a lacy blanket for our friends who are expecting their first baby in May - fingers crossed six months will be long enough for me to achieve this!

My new job will be working as a Pharmacy Assistant - I trained as a Dispensing Assistant over ten years ago so I am so looking forward to brushing up on those skills again and putting them to good use.  I only gave it up because I was working full time and I was offered a part time job earning the same amount of money and with three children at school it made sense at the time.  So I have come full circle again although this time I will be working part time with no children at school - hence the theory that I should have some time for me and the grandchildren and the ageing parents.


Julie said...

Your bingo game is going to be such fun. I'm now wondering what other ideas are racing around in your head.

I'm sure the best decision for your M & FIL will be made, its so sad when the time comes that they are no longer safe at home, i think its going to happen with my aged aunt very soon.

Enjoy the new/old job and the freedom the newer hours give.

Its always nice to catch up with friends and have some quality time together.

Saxo Stamper said...

Sorry to hear about FIL. Happy to hear Elisha is home. Bingo looks fun x good luck with everything. Hugs KX x

country girl said...

Wow Linda love the Bingo Cards it was great to see you and catch up on all your news
Hope its better news regarding your FIL