Wednesday, 31 October 2012


DSCF1398 I have two work areas to show you this week for Julia's WOYWW 178.  Firstly my downstairs space which is at the far end of the kitchen/dining room - I'm lucky enough to have a whole range of units to accomodate a large amount of my crafting stash.  This is where I set up my sewing machine which finally came out of the box yesterday.  It still hasn't been used yet as I don't have any proper cottons for it,  should be rectified tomorrow.  On the left of the sewing machine is the second block for April (yes I'm way behind with these) Craftsy BOM course.  To the right is the Stitcheree SAL,  I've managed to put another bit of candy cane border in while sat out in the conservatory for an hour this afternoon - bad light stopped played plus I thought it was almost time for DH to be home only to realise it's the one clock in the house which obviously hasn't been put back.  So it will be another hour before he comes home!

DSCF1399My upstairs workspace has been completely covered with just some of the boxes that my retired SU stamp sets were in.  I decided as they are now retired and I no longer have to have them in sets for demonstration purposes I would put them into 12 x 12 plastic boxes.  Each box will have a theme, so far I have managed to accomodate the Christmas, sentiments and male orientated stamps - this has used up all seven of the boxes that I purchased at the craft show in Exeter last month. Thanks to Darnell of djkardkreations blog for the inspiration - go check out her playhouse it's fantastic - one very organised lady and workspace.

DSCF1400 Think I will be needing quite a few more of these before the job is complete as you will see in the next photo as there are still loads more to sort out which I think will come under floral, nature and numerous other catagories.  It's amazing just how many stamps I have acquired and this is only the SU ones.  I still have loads of other manufacturers that I have to sort out as well.  I did make a start on the Unity stamps on Monday but didn't get that far with them - another mammoth task which is going to require quite a few more of the plastic cases that the new SU stamps come in.  Again they will be sorted out into different themes.  I think I've scared myself with the amount of stamps that I have got and just how many haven't even seen a speck of ink on them as of yet.

I feel I should keep the plastic trays that the stamps were in but am unsure of how I can utilise them - any polite suggestions?


Mary said...

Wow, I am impressed! Your idea is a very good one. I have stamps stored in plastic drawers (lots of them). I think your idea is a very wise one and they would be stored nice and flat...mine are standing on end. Hmmmmm maybe I'll have to think your way!

catherine said...

You are good trying to keep tidy and organised with your stamps. I know what you mean about the amount we collect!! I have boxes and can't remember inking them all up. When I get to the new house I may be able to sort them out. Sorry I have been a bit absent lately- The world on my shoulders syndrome!!Hope everything is ok with you and family.
x catherine

Krisha said...

Stamp storage is always a big issue with most of us. Clear stamps will cling to your storage containers. I just moved all my UM stamps to CD cases. Good luck
Krisha #56

Annie said...

good grief Linda! you have more stamps than me and Wynneth put together! .. .. well me at any rate! love the little sewing machine and lucky you having so much storage space, I find myself spreading about the bungalow abit these days!
hugs, annie x

Jill said...

Wow what a big tidy up Linda!! Jill x

My name is Wynneth said...

Oooo Linda, what a lot of retired SU stamps ! Great idea with the 12 x 12 I tried storing my unmounted ones in A4 boxes, but they took up too much space so they are now in bags in drawers ! Not sure that Annie knows just how many stamps I actually have if she thinks you've got more than me and her put together LOL Isn't it aweful when you realise you have so many stamps that haven't seen ink !

Is that your mini sewing machine I see or a new 'grown up' one? You are doing better than me with the BOM course, I haven't even started january yet !!! but I have some fabrics in mind to use on them.


Zildara said...

Your space does look very organized. Well done on the tidy up!

Happy WOYWW!
Zildara #103

Ali H said...

Great tidy up project going on ! Your new storage looks great ! Hope you get to find some old favourite stamps & use them again ! Ali #57

Darnell J Knauss said...

Stupid blogger. I just wrote three long paragraphs and lost them. Grrrr. Yes, keep the plastic storage containers until you are done with the reorganization. For instance, sometimes I have just a few specialized stamps, say, sports. I don't have enough to fill a big container and maybe some stamps don't really "go" with other types, so I have smaller "themed" sets by themselves in the old SU containers. I hope that made sense! Email me if not and you want me to try again. I can take pictures of my setup with them.

Thanks for coming by to visit me already! Have a great week and continued good luck with your huge project. Wish I good help as I love doing that stuff! Darnell #63

Amy E said...

Wow!! that's a lot of stamps!! You lucky girl you!!

Congrats on the sewing machine! I can't wait to see what you make with it!!

Amy E. #9

Chloe G said...

Well done for tackling your stamps! I love getting everything in order, its just a shame it never stays that way for long! Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday ;-) Chloe 106

Anonymous said...

Hi, Linda, you'll be glad you organized when it makes it easier to find the things you need and want to use. The now-emptied clear boxes could be used to package up cards or tags that you might give as a gift. You could put patterned paper in to decorate or stamp with Staz-on to make them festive. Hope you're having a happy week -- thanks for popping over to visit. ~ Laura #148

Anne said...

That's a lot of stamps don't think I've got that many but do have several that I've not used yet. You've done well with your reorganisation. Good luck with the rest of the sorting. Sorry for the late visit. Anne x #142

Lucy said...

Lol - we always knew you had a mountain of stamps. Even beautifully organised there's still an impressive mountain x

Julie said...

You are so organised, I need a stash tidy up, but it never seems to happen.. Loving your new sewing machine.