Thursday, 4 October 2012

What to do when looking after baby

DSCF1297DSCF1279 A day off work and I was all set to do some housework when Colette knocked on the door to see if I was busy.  She wanted me to look after Savannah for a few hours while she popped into town with Logan to get him a new pair of shoes.  How could I refuse?  It gave me the perfect opportunity to have some one to one time with Savannah and grab some precious photos of  her.  After being fed, changed, talked to and walked around the house she started to get a bit fractious - obviously tired but not wanting to be put down I eventually managed to settle her into Grandad's chair that swings and rocks in the conservatory.  I was able to sit in my chair and rock her with my foot which then meant my hands were free.
DSCF1299 With my hands free I was able to make a start on Octobers chart which I had got out earlier just in case I got a few minutes later in the day. How perfect - Savannah was happy and I was able to do something productive too.  I managed to get about a third of it completed before mum came to collect her and finished the rest of it off just after our evening meal.  Again it now means the rest of the month can be spent on working on the landscape by Yiota's cross stitch which I will take a photo of tomorrow so you can see how I got on during September.

I had some fabric arrive yesterday which is for the SAL that Erynne has started, although I can't make a start on that one until the Fat Man SAL has been completed.  I also had a phone call to say that the Boxer picture is ready to be collected so that one will soon be hanging on a wall in our home soon.  I think I should have a couple more finishes before the end of the year which I will be really pleased about, although they won't be any of the WIP's I had outstanding at the beginning of the year.  I really will try and work on those in the New Year again but there have been so many other distractions!

Looking forward to the weekend as my friend Lisa is coming to stay overnight again which means we get to spend Sunday crafting.  DH is away all weekend so we can craft and chat away to our hearts content.  What have you got planned for the weekend? 


angelwhispers said...

Oh my word how shes grown and what beautiful pictures of her she is such a treasure I bet you so enjoyed your one on one time with her!!

Your chart is coming on superbly I so love it Linda and can't wait to see the finished piece.

Thanks for mentioning Kerry's Mum she was only poorly at the end of July when they diagnosed Cancer and the treatment just made it worse and instead of prolonging her life I'm afraid it made it so short!!!
Love and Hugs Chanelle xxx

Tammy Bergeron said...

awww i wish my munchkin was that small again!

Julie said...

Awww Savnnah is beautiful, she's grown so much.