Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Some stitching updates

 Firstly the Fat Man SAL - this is as much as I have managed to achieve for the past two Mondays - stitching time on both the days was limited but I'm pleased with how it's going.  I'd have liked to have finished the chart by now but I think next week could be hopeful as there is only the snowmans head, a little bird, some words and the rest of the border to do - I'm optomistic.  Yesterdays stitching progress was limited as I took Colette and Logan swimming which was great fun.  Logan loved it and as always it was nice to spend some quality time with both my daughter and grandson.  Baby Savannah was being looked after by my parents which was their first time in charge and they loved every minute of it - she rewarded them with smiles which obviously exhausted her as she was sound asleep when we got back.
 The rest of my stitching time has been taken up with Yiota's landscape cross stitch and I will be working on this for the rest of the month now.  It's really starting to come along now and once I have filled in the windows and added a little more of the arch then it will be approximately a quarter complete.
 I have almost completed my next quilt block, just need to attach the block of hexagons to it - hoping to get that done by the end of the week to show you.  There is another one to do for the month of May and then I think June's is quite easy so am hoping to pick up a bit with this.

Yesterday morning was a lovely bright sunny start to the day and I took Max for a walk along the creek for our morning walk.  There were plenty of seagulls perched on the boats and it all looked so nice and serene which was aided by the fact it was still early in the morning and not many people around.  We walked under the railway bridge and around the point and admired the view down the river towards Calstock.
I also manged to catch up with my friend Jill yesterday for coffee before she jets off on her holiday which I am so looking forward to seeing the photos of already.  Have a wonderful time Jill x

I've been on a flower making frenzy the past few days, lots more to make and I'll take a photo of them sometime this week for you to see and also provide the link with the simple tutorial on how to make them.  Today I'm taking mum out for lunch and stopping off at Kelly Bray to finally get the boxer family cross stitch framed.  So far it's another bright but chilly day and I'm hoping it won't rain later as I've manged to get some washing on the line.  Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Jill said...

Thanks Linda, I'll do my best! Jill x

Karen K said...

all looking lovely Linda, glad to hear all is well with you and look forward to seeing your next block in due course. I enjoyed the hexagons very much. Have not started my drunken blocks yet!


catherine said...

My Linda you sound so busy!!. Glad you had a great time with the family swimming. Your stitching is coming along and looking forward to the flowers
x catherine

Julie said...

Craftwork is looking good,beautiful pic from your walk. Hope you and mum had a lovely time together.

Shari said...

wonderful progress on fat men.....some day I will get stitching time!