Monday, 3 September 2012

Broken spider web block

DSCF1168 Oh the weather is so fickle - today it is glorious sunshine.  I've managed to complete another block - this one is called the broken spider web block and I think is my favourite at the moment.  My little machine which only runs on batteries is still coping very well with the blocks but now my confidence is growing I'm wishing it would go a little quicker.  Proper sewing machine is now on my wish list.

DSCF1160While out walking with Max this morning I came across this wonderful spider web which was glistening in the morning sunshine.  While I don't actually like spiders I think they are amazing creatures being able to spin something so beautiful to the eye on a dewy sunny morning.  We were out for almost two hours and it's so relaxing just walking along with Max and enjoying the relative peace and quiet of Plymbridge Woods.

I've managed to get my ironing done, more washing on the line thanks to DS2 bringing his home with him last night after housesitting for someone, hoovered the car out and have made some pizza dough (with the help of the bread maker) so we can have pizza for tea.  So far no stitching on the Fat Man SAL has been done but once the grass has been cut I think I can sit down for an hour or two and put some stitches in as a reward.


Jill said...

Stitching is looking good! You can't beat a proper sewing machine. Jill x

Julie said...

Sounds like you have had a very productive day, you are good.

Great Quilting block, such pretty colours and so effective.

Heli said...

looks brilliant Linda, well done you love the colours too x x

Heli said...

Looks Brilliant Linda, well done for getting going with it be warned they are a little bit addictive!

Karen K said...

Beautiful Linda, go get that sewing machine you won't regret it.

K xxx

My name is Wynneth said...

Love your latest block Linda, I'm looking forward to haveing a go at this BOM class now that I've enrolled. Got a few months to catch up with though !

Sounds like you had a nice day and I'm sure Max enjoyed his two hour walkies.

catherine said...

Your sewing blocks are really coming along Linda and it is clear you are really enjoying doing them.I see anew machine on the horizon for you!!
x catherine

Mrs A. said...

I love these colours together. The block looks super. Iv'e managed to get to the post office to send off a swap item. Go and choose some tiles with hubby for the hall and done some gardening. Completley knackered so don't know how you manage to pack so much into your day! Hugs Mrs A.