Sunday, 2 September 2012

All by myself–the correct block!

DSCF1157I actually managed to do one of the Craftsy BOM's without any help or guidance from Karen (although that help and guidance would have been fun). The block itself is pretty straightforward and easy enough to put together, the only thing I struggled with was being random with the different widths and strip placement - I so wanted it to be perfectly lined up but that isn't the idea behind this block. I think I just about managed to make it random enough and my dear little machine just about coped with all the layers. Despite giving it the tiniest of seams I only just about got my 12 1/2 inch block! It's a fun learning process and who knows I might even get another one done by the end of the week.  For those eagle eyed among you that may have seen this post earlier this is actually a different block to the one shown earlier - in my haste to get the block done I actually stitched it up differently than this picture.  The first block I stitched up with the white strips creating a cross whereas it should have been stitched up as in this picture.  It now means I have created a new block all by myself - maybe I'll make a cushion out of it to go with this quilt when it is complete! The weather has been pretty miserable so we haven't been to the park and I haven't been out in the garden hence the reason the block got done instead. Father in law is in hospital at the moment and DH has taken mother in law up to visit him this afternoon. In the meantime I must catch up on some housework again as mother in law is coming for tea and although that's not exactly the reason for tidying up I think it might be useful if we are to sit at the table later. My dear friend Karen would have a fit if she could see the state of my dining area right now!


Saxo Stamper said...

Beautiful job Linda. I had wondered where the prior posting had gone. We were due to do some gardening but weather has forced us indoors most of the day, I have been doing cross stitch and started my disappearing nine patch quilt.

K x

catherine said...

Wow there is no stopping you now Linda with the block sewing. You will have a quilt finished in no time!!
Hope your relative is ok and you manage to clear the table for tea
x catherine

Jill said...

That's a great block even if it is a bit 'pink'! I am piecing a quilt here at the moment that is a bit 'pink' - maybe a bit too pink for me!! Jill x

Mrs A. said...

This is a gorgeous block too. Hugs Mrs A.