Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Stitching updates

DSCF1043 Saturday was the first time in ages that I actually got round to picking up my stitching and it felt so good!  I've managed to complete quite a bit of the landscape picture from Yiota's cross stitch  What I like about this one is there is a nice variety of large sections of one colour and then areas of confetti so I can rotate it without getting fed up of one of them.  I have reached the top of the picture as far as the arch of the window is concerned so will be working my way across the other half very soon and have also completed about half of the trees/landscape on this side.  I've never worked with Madeira threads before and have to say I prefer them to Anchor threads and think they are probably on a par with DMC.

Yeterday I managed to join in again with the Fat Man SAL and finished the block that I had hoped to finish a couple of weeks ago but there is only so much you can do when there are changes going on in your life.  With any luck next Monday I will be able to work on it for longer and get a large portion of the Snow Friends chart completed and might just be able to catch up on some lost ground.

I did work on the Four Horses last month but only completed a small section of it so haven't bothered to take a photo of that.

On the months of the year I completed June and thought I was going to get July done to but then realised I'd made a mistake which couldn't be easily rectified so have had to unpick it.  The mistake was made near the beginning and didn't come to light until I was trying to match up the small border so I am pretty much starting over with July - fingers crossed I will get that done by the end of this month which will mean I will have to try and get two months completed in September so that I can get up to date again on that one.

No work on Christmas ornaments or the birth sampler which I really should try and concentrate on now that Savannah is here.  I also haven't done anymore on the Lizzie Kate Halloween mystery sampler and part 2 arrived in the post today.  I'm hoping that I can get into a routine again with my stitching once I am working my own hours with the new job so with any luck in September I will have much more to show.

We've been invited up to our daughters for tea tonight - Colette is cooking us spaghetti bolognaise which I am sure will be delicious if it's anything like her chilli.  Gives us both a night off from cooking which is always a bonus.


Jill said...

Stitching is getting done then! Jill x

My name is Wynneth said...

You have managed to get quite a lot of stitching done - especially with all that has been going on in your life lately ! Well done.

catherine said...

Fantastic progress on your sewing Linda and you seem pleased to have got back in to again. You have had a rather busy time over the last few months . Hope you enjoy your meal tonight
x catherine

Karen K said...

Well done you Linda, I have managed about 12 stitches of back stitch so not much going on on my project... never mind, will get back to it eventually.

Enjoy your dinner tonight, say hi to Colette for me

k x

Julie said...

I always think stitching seems so wonderful when you have had an enforced break, it's like coming home lol. Yours looks lovely.

Mrs A. said...

Just popped by to see how you are progressing . It is so annoying to make a mistake and not see till much later on.
Hope you can remake July without too much trouble. Hugs Mrs a.